Planning a trip to Israel? You lucky thing, you! Click the images and links below for guides on what to eat, what to see and where to stay while you’re in the Holy Land.

What-to-eat-in-israelWhat and where to eat in Israel: Top 20 tips
From falafel and hummus to shakshuka and za’atar, find out what foods you should look for when you travel to Israel. Six restaurant and dining recommendations round out this handy list… Continue

Sightseeing-Haifa-univesitySightseeing in Israel, part 1: Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Haifa and Mount Carmel
Planning a getaway to Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Haifa or Mount Carmel? See the sights that’ll make your visit to Israel a trip to remember… Continue

Sightseeing-in-Israel-Masada-panoramaSightseeing in Israel, part 2: Masada, the Dead Sea and Jerusalem
My heart skipped a beat and I gasped at Masada when I took in the incredible view from the top of a lookout point. Surrounded by deep canyons as far as the eye could see, I was awestruck… Continue


Dan-Panorama-Tel-Aviv-Pool3 award-worthy Dan hotels in Israel
Staying at three Dan hotels in Israel reveals award-worthy features and services. Find out what makes these Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem properties unique and spectacular… Continue

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