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Let’s get straight to the point here: Home swapping is a big leap of faith for many people. But for those who have tried this unique way of traveling, the resounding response is that once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you ever considered traveling any other way.

Award-winning site Love Home Swap is at the forefront of the home swapping sector. With 18,000 stunning homes on their site, their members exchange their properties in more than 100 countries. For just the small cost of a membership (starting from $132 per year depending on the tier that you choose) members can arrange as many breaks as they like – and with the average member saving $1,430 per swap (based on a week-long stay) the savings quickly stack up, making this a pocket-friendly way to travel.

Members can stay in luxurious properties like this impressive 4-bedroom home in Miami Beach.

A quick search of the site shows that’s there’s a huge variety of homes that you can choose from, ranging from sleek city pads to family-friendly villas with a pool. In fact, it’s the family-friendly aspect that has so many members coming back for more. And in a world where we’re all more health conscious than ever before, finding a holiday where you feel safe and comfortable is really important. With members committed to meeting Love Home Swap’s enhanced cleaning guidelines, their community can trade their homes confidently, knowing that they’ve got a safe space just for them and their families – with no crammed elevators or breakfast buffets that have been breathed on by multiple people.

Love Home Swap members find plenty of family-friendly properties like this spacious London home.

The family-friendly aspect of home swapping also extends to the fact that parents don’t have to lug masses of luggage with them, because if you’re staying in another family’s home, chances are you’ll have access to plenty of toys, bikes and play equipment in the garden. Not only that, but young families can benefit from highchairs and stair gates, while older kids might find a games console or pool table to while away the hours. Best of all, you’ll have access to a properly equipped kitchen, so that you can save a huge amount of money on eating out. All in all, you get a home-away-from-home experience that’s exceptional.

Love Home Swap member Dawn says that she’s saved a huge amount of money through home swapping. She says: “The houses we stay in are so much homier and more well-equipped than a rental home. We started swapping when our children were tiny. There were two great advantages. Firstly, it was almost free and secondly, we swapped with other families with young children so that we could use each other’s toys, garden swings, cots, changing tables etc – and we were certain that it was a toddler-proof home.”

You could stay in homes like this huge family-friendly property in rural France.

How home swapping works
Love Home Swap has two simple ways to exchange your home:

1 Classic Swap
This is when members directly trade their homes, either at the same time or on different dates. This doesn’t cost anything, other than the annual membership fee – and it’s a really popular way for families to find free accommodation during the school holidays.

2 Points Swap
This is when members earn ‘Points’ (which is Love Home Swap’s virtual currency) for hosting, which they can then spend on another home, when and where they like. They simply pay a small service fee based on the length of the trip, which starts at $69. This type of home swap offers the ultimate flexibility, as members don’t have to align their plans with anyone else.

To find out more about home swapping, head to to start your free 2-week trial.

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  1. Greg Chinn|

    Cons: wifi security (especially when attached to phones etc) + home monitoring equipment (alarms, locks, cameras, Alexa, computers, etc)

  2. Sandra|

    Also wondering about insurance. If you’re renting your place will your homeowners insurance cover you if your guest family has an accident in your home?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      You would have to ask your insurer

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