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I love California and I have since I was a little boy growing up in cold, dreary Connecticut, dreaming about warm winters, blue skies and beautiful landscapes. I made my dream of living here come true when I moved to California for college and stayed. RELATED: Traveling to California? Here’s How to Prevent Smash and Grabs from Ruining Your Vacation

There’s no doubt parts of the state have changed, especially San Francisco. I was there last week and it’s definitely not what it used to be. I also have dozens of friends who moved out of the city (and the state altogether) because the lax laws are ruining things.

It’s heartbreaking to see one of the world’s best cities slowly become one of the worst. The main reason for San Francisco’s decline is crime that no one seems to be accountable for … and it’s just getting worse. Just watch the video below, which took place this week in the middle of the day in the city.

If this doesn’t make your blood boil, I’m not sure what will. But as you can see, if you visit California, you can’t leave ANYTHING in your car that’s visible to the naked eye. A friend told me that criminals will break your car window to grab even a single dollar bill, costing you hundreds to replace it.

Just look at how fast these soon-to-be-rich felons can grab your belongings and ruin your day, week, month and possibly year. It takes just seconds. I mean, five seconds tops. You can’t even run into a convenience store to grab a bottle of water without risking losing something.

And definitely don’t ever open your trunk to grab something or put something in and then leave your car unattended. Break-ins because of this happen in touristy spots all around the country, including Hawaii.

I wrote about this last week but it needs to be said again:

1. Never leave anything of value in your car. That’s the first and most important thing.

2. If you do leave something of value in your car (sometimes you have no choice), make sure it’s hidden, either under the seat or under a black sheet or black tablecloth so it camouflages with the floor. It’s always a good idea to keep one of those in your car, just in case. Here’s more on that tip.

3. Don’t ever open your trunk to get something out when you arrive at your destination because people might be watching you. Always get what you need out of the trunk before you get where you’re going.

4. Some people leave their windows down and the glove box open just to show that there’s nothing of value inside the vehicle but that seems a little risky to me.

5. Never leave anything of value in your car. Period. That’s the best advice.

In another disturbing video (see below) I discovered on X, formerly known as Twitter, a 75-year-old woman was dragged by her purse in a bank parking lot.

And while we’re on the subject of California and how criminals are getting more brazen, read this post on NextDoor. It’s about how pairs of two are using distraction techniques to rob people. This practice is used the world over but criminals here are getting more creative.

“Be careful I was robbed at CVS parking lot and stopped a woman being robbed a week later…the police say it’s happening several times a day. The Manhattan Village, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods…mostly target woman. This should be made aware to everyone but for some reason no one seems to know until like me they are robbed. They are fast and very sneaky so please be aware.”

The woman went into more detail sharing: “I was walking to my car, the fourth car walking from cvs towards Sepulveda. I had my small dog with me. I unlocked the car and put my bag in the backseat and my dog in the front seat. As I turned to get the drivers door I was approached by a woman around 30, dark hair heavy accent. She asked if I knew of an emergency veterinarian in the area for her cat. She said she thought I’d know because I had a dog. I told her to go to the vet down Sepulveda on the right past marine…suddenly a man appeared and told her he found a vet and started pulling her arm saying let’s go. I turned to get into car and noticed my back passenger door was open and my wallet among other things were taken. All of my cards were being used within 6 minutes, this happened at 12:55 pm and they were trying to charge $2600 by 1:01pm.”

A week later I was going to Ralph’s and I noticed a man following and elderly woman, first he passed her and then turned to follow. I started following him…as she reached her car and opened the hatch to put her groceries in he went to grab her purse, I yelled and startled him.”

“Another friend was robbed the Sunday before last when backing out of a parking space a woman screamed you hit my child, she jumped out of the car to see if she had in fact hit someone and a man took her bag out of the car and ran.”

Again, I love California, but the lax laws and accountability are making the California Dream turn into a nightmare for many. Don’t let it happen to you. Be careful and always be aware of your surroundings.

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3 Comments On "If You Visit California Don't Make These Huge Mistakes, Otherwise the California Dream Will Become a Nightmare"
  1. David Miller|

    DemocRats have ruined California.

  2. Ryan|

    You wrote “I also have dozens of friends who moved out of the city (and the state altogether) because the lax laws are ruining things.”

    Why not be specific and say it’s because of liberal laws? I’m sure your friends moved to more Republican and less democrat places too.

    It’s important to point this out because all the liberal Californians leaving now to seek safety, hopefully don’t bring their politics with them. If they didn’t learn their lesson they’ll just ruin wherever they move to as well. Liberal crime policies don’t work. Period.

  3. MiMi|

    Can’t walk in downtown L.A. anymore, can’t walk in SF any more. Homeless under every bridge, but the Ken doll wannabe governor thinks he can run the country? Nope, nope, nope. I loved CA when I lived there 35 years ago, but it’s circling the drain, fast.

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