This travel tip is something most people who live in large cities know but it’s a good reminder for everyone. Last night, I read an article about how Nathan Apodaca, AKA, Doggface, the skateboarder who went viral with his video of him skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac’s song Dreams. He and his family had two rental cars broken into in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is common practice in San Francisco and has been for years but it also happens in most tourist destinations. Nathan made two big mistakes and they were:

1. He left something of value in his car. Don’t ever do it in cities or tourist destinations or pretty much anywhere in the USA. And don’t think exclusive wealthy areas are safe. My cousin’s son left his iPhone in the car while surfing in Palos Verdes and someone broke the window and grabbed it and more. Don’t just take my word. Listen to what car rental salesman are telling their customers …

2. If you do have to leave something of value do not leave it in plain sight. That’s almost guaranteed to get your car window smashed.


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  1. Patrick|

    Leaving ANYTHNG in your car while surfing PV has ALWAYS been a mistake. The locals there are notorious.

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