How to find a babysitter to help you on your next flight

I wish this service were offered on more flights! AirPair—which is currently only available on flights between North American and Israel—connects families flying with small children with fellow passengers interested in babysitting during the flight. It’s like bringing your nanny with you but not having to pay for an extra seat.

Every AirPair (like au pair) is a “vetted” traveler that’s looking to make extra money in flight. According to the site, which has been in business for over a year, an “AirPair is an extra set of hands to support you and all of your child-related needs in the airport and on board the plane. If you need help lugging baby gear, running after your rambunctious 3 year old in the Security line, walking your toddling 1 year old up and down the aisles, entertaining your kids beyond the iPad, helping to feed you older kids while your baby is asleep in your arms, supporting their sleep, watching the kids while you go to the bathroom, helping to change diapers, etc., an AirPair can help.”

The cost? According to the Times of Israel, “AirPairs and the clients to set the price; some may charge $20 an hour, others get paid the full ticket price and then some. Some AirPairs even volunteer their service for free as a mitzvah, or good deed (and what a mitzvah it is!). It all depends on the budget of the family and how much help they will actually need on the flight.”

Usually the AirPair sits next to your family, but not always (for example if seats can’t be switched). The service has a roster of over 1,000 nannies, so chances are, if you’re flying between North America and Israel, you can find a babysitter. What if the AirPair isn’t helpful? The site has a money-back guarantee.

Good to know: AirPairs can also serve as companions and helping hands to disabled, elderly or nervous fliers.

I love the concept, and I really hope AirPair expands. Currently, I use Blacklane airport concierge to escort my dad or me and my wife with bags through the airport, but Blacklane doesn’t offer the service on a flight.

H/T to View from the Wing.

Have you used AirPair to find a babysitter?

Have you used AirPair? If so, do you recommend it? Share in the comments below!


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