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As I mentioned yesterday in an article about the New York City rat eating crumbs off of a passed-out dude’s lips (here’s the video), you can find all kinds of interesting posts on Instagram. RELATED: VIDEO: Woman’s Selfie Photo Shoot on the NYC Subway

Another post I came across was from @thelawyerangela with the caption: How to get a refund on your hotel reservation or other reservation, from a lawyer who has worked for hotels. (She does include a disclaimer saying that this is obviously not legal advice.)

I thought she was going to talk about one of the 3 ways I suggest to get a refund on a non-refundable hotel room but to my surprise, she didn’t.

For the record, I’ve never heard of @thelawyerangela and I’ve never thought of or tried this trick before. But it seems like it could work, especially in today’s Covid/post-Covid world. Here’s what she posted on Instagram: “Lawyer Jedi Mind Trick: Hotel Refund. I’m going to give you my lawyer jedi mind trick of how to get out of a hotel reservation after the cancelation window.”

She goes on to say: “It’s probably the opposite of what you think. I never talk about my clients but I have vast experience representing legal interests of hotels and training their staff.”

“If you’re not feeling well, your instinct is probably to call and say, ‘I’m not feeling well, I can’t get out of bed. There’s no way I’m coming, please refund.’ And they might refund you but you’re relying on their goodwill. The opposite is more effective.”

Angela continues: “Try saying, ‘I am sick. I don’t feel well but I am coming because I am past the cancelation window.’ This raises alarm bells because they are responsible for you as a guest when you enter their property. They are also responsible for the health of their staff and their other guests.”

“When you tell them you’re sick before you arrive you’re putting them on notice. And now it’s their obligation to get you to stay home. So in all likelihood they’ll say look we’ll refund you. Just stay home.”

Again, I’ve never tried this but one of her followers named @meowataplaya commented:

“This has actually worked for me ? their health flashes before their eyes.” But many commenters disagree. Watch the video and see the comments below and tell me what you think. If you’ve tried it, please leave a comment below on whether it worked or not.


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