Woman's selfie photoshoot on the NYC Subway

Anytime you ride the NYC subway, there’s a good chance you’ll see scenes and characters that would make people do double-takes anywhere else. If you’ve spent time on the NYC subway, you already know this. If you’ve never been on it, the video below offers a taste of the experience.

The video, of a woman on the J train taking selfies as though she were part of a photoshoot, made the rounds on Twitter last week after actor and writer Ben Yahr shared it on Twitter. The woman in the video is 23-year-old Jess George, who described the scene to HuffPost. From that story (via Yahoo):

“Over the weekend, Jess George got on the J train in a black dress and heels, heading home from lunch with friends. Feeling herself and the ‘cool photo opportunity,’ George positioned her phone on her handbag and posed for selfies like her life depended on it. ‘I saw an empty subway car and was alone, so the self-timer had to come out! At the next stop, people got on the train but I decided to continue. It was very spontaneous,’ George told HuffPost via email, before adding that the images were initially meant just as ‘something for me to post on Twitter for my 200 followers.'”

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