It works!

On Monday, a new app called Shoutable was launched to give people the power to post personalized messages to LinkNYC’s 3,600 screens across all five boroughs! It seems to me to be a brilliant idea and a win-win for everyone.

Posting a “Shout” is a quick and simple process. First, you choose a Shout from a broad selection of custom designs across several categories, including “Happy Birthday,” “Happy Anniversary,” “Congratulations,” “Thanks,” “Proposals,” “You’re Awesome,” and more. Then, you personalize your message by filling out who the Shout is “To” and “From.” After choosing a design and message, you can select on a map exactly where you want to post your Shout. You can choose to post it right away or save it as a draft to post later. Once you decide to post it, your personalized Shout will play for 60 seconds on the selected LinkNYC screens!

Your first Shout is free, and after that, each personalized message costs $4.95. Shoutable is currently available for download for free for iOS.

This fun feature coupled with visiting non-touristy NYC attractions can make your travels even more personable and memorable.

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