You can see every active NYC construction project on this map

Last week I was in New York City and I booked a room at the last minute on HotelTonight. I only paid $120 for a night at a solid four-star hotel right near Grand Central Terminal. I loved everything about my stay except for one thing: that I could hear my neighbors and, worse, the construction outside.

At midnight when I couldn’t sleep, I decided to do some investigating. It turns out that there’s an NYC government webpage that shows all of the active and proposed major construction projects at a given time in New York City (all five boroughs). If you’re a light sleeper, you might want to consider zooming in on the map to make sure there isn’t a project nearby before you book your next NYC hotel. It looks like my culprit wasn’t even nextdoor but in fact a couple blocks away, which is disturbing in itself.

H/T to Curbed.

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