Here's a great place to buy disinfectant wipes as recommended by a reader

Each Friday, we feature a reader-inspired tip as our Travel Tip of the Day (and recently other posts, like this one on what my friend Valerie wore to stay safe while flying). This week’s tip comes from reader Susan J., who wrote in with some help for anyone looking for disinfectant wipes after reading what I wrote about Southwest’s shocking new policy. In case you missed it, here’s that new policy (direct from the story):

“I was shocked to learn that Southwest Airlines ‘is now only disinfecting high-touch areas like lavatories and tray tables between flights. Armrests and seat belts will not be disinfected between flights.’ Better bring your own disinfecting wipes but…good luck finding them. The CEO of Clorox told Reuters this week that ‘it’s probably going to take until 2021 before we’re able to meet all the demand that we have.'”

Susan then shared her own source for disinfectant wipes, called Dr. Brite. Susan wrote, “I have been ordering wipes from an amazing company run by two female physicians. The company is fabulous. I purchased all their products including wipes. They respond quickly to all questions.” Thanks, Susan!

Where have you been getting disinfectant wipes and supplies?

If you have a resource worth sharing, please leave it in the comments below!


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19 Comments On "Here's a Great Place to Buy Disinfectant Wipes as Recommended by a Reader"
  1. JoEllen|

    $9 for a pack of 54 wetwipes? I don’t think so.

  2. Benesse|

    I make my own that’s much cheaper AND more effective: Start with 90% or at least 70% rubbing alcohol. Soak one panel of Select a Size Bounty paper towel. (they are the strongest) fold it into a square and place it in a snack sized ziplock bag which will hold 6 folded alcohol soaked towelettes.

    Place the snack sized ziplock (with 6 towelettes) into larger sized ziplock bag. Make sure both bags are completely zipped and air tight. That’s it. I’ve made a bunch of these and always have them handy.

    Alcohol works best anyway, it’s cheap and now available… so why do anything else?

  3. Blondie|

    I’ve not had any problem buying wipes. But an option I’ve started using is to fill a qt sized ziplock bag with wipes from the lg container at home. They are much bigger and cover slot of area. In their defense, United gives you wipes as you board plane.

  4. Anita|

    Target. Can only buy one at a time, but at least they have them!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Which Target?

  5. Wanderlusting Duo|

    Publix supermarkets in Florida and Georgia have wipes available. It is best to shop early to get them.

  6. K. D. Morgan|

    Thanks so much for this recommendation! I’ve seen Dr. Brite products at my local health food store, but didn’t know anything about the company. After looking at their website and learning about their commitment to healthy formulations for their products, I ordered the wipes. I agree they are pricey, but I guess I’m one of those who is willing to pay extra for the assurance of health and quality. And I am sick to death of haunting Target and Costco looking for disinfecting wipes that are never in stock. I am looking into purchasing more of this company’s products.

  7. DPJ|

    You can buy disinfectant wipes online (with no limit) at They’re reasonably priced at $10 for 80 wipes.

  8. Real life|

    I would rather learn the hours of restock and take a chance..that price is ridiculous

  9. audi|

    Where are you from? Planet Gazillionaire. $10 for 54 wipes! Who is benefiting from this “tip”?

  10. Beauty|

    Yes for 80 wipes that is ridiculous, I got 350 Clorox wipes for 11.93 on Amazon

  11. Pamela Bliman|

    I agree!

  12. Linda Kerr|

    If you look at the website page and scroll to the bottom you will find these wipes are from China. No thanks! I will never, if I am aware, buy ANYTHING from China. I have been trying to boycott their products for years. Started when I found they were poisoning our children with lead paint on the toys and in the cheap metal jewelry kids like to wear. Be aware folks!

  13. James Godshalk|

    Bought “Fresh=n-Clean” Antibacterial Wipes – 80 packs on 07/24/2020 at $3.89 per pack (less 11% rebate on all items). Claims to kill 99% of harmful germs. No limit on purchase.

    Mernards Vernon Hills, IL store

  14. Vickie Thomas|

    Amazon always tells me can’t deliver in my area. I buy other things from them.

  15. MD|

    Home Depot has a house brand called HDX. You have to call around but they get shipments. It’s a 2 pack (75 wipes each) for less than $8.

  16. jenn|

    I got mine $9.95 for 2 packs at Klerzix. Each pack has 50 wipes in it. They ship so fast. I got my order in two days. So, I’m loving it.

  17. Carrie|

    James Godshalk: Antibacterial products kill bacteria, but not necessarily viruses. These days, you should look for products (e.g., Clorox disinfecting wipes or certain Lysol sprays – good luck finding any!) that specifically say they kill viruses as well as bacteria.

  18. Avi|

    I bought disinfectant wipes from Klerzix. We buy their 10 packs for about $40. Each pack has 50 wipes and it’s free shipping. I read on their site that their wipes are made with Quaternary ammonium salt as well as alcohol. Based on my research quaternary is the components that clorox wipes are made from. Regardless you can’t beat $4 a pack with free shipping not to mention the convenience of getting them in few days.

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