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The American Express® Green Card is an underrated travel rewards credit card that earns a competitive rate on travel, transit, and restaurants. It also offers a couple of unique yet flexible air travel perks with a reasonable $150 annual fee (See Rates & Fees). You might wonder what can make the Amex Green Card hard to get if you’re ready to apply today.

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Is the American Express Green Card Hard To Get? How to Qualify for the Amex Green Card

With few exceptions, most credit card issuers don’t disclose detailed minimum requirements that can help aspirants prepare their application background.

Thankfully, American Express includes a few basic guidelines to help you decide if you qualify. The card issuer states that the application requirements are “standard fare”. This typically means needing good or excellent credit, no recent derogatory marks, and relatively few new credit cards on your credit report.

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Credit Score Needed for Amex Green Card

Specifically, American Express recommends a minimum 700 credit score. This requirement is similar to the credit score for the American Express Gold® Card and The Platinum Card® from American Express.

Here is a snippet from the credit card website, “And while it’s still possible to be approved with a lower credit score, having a good or excellent score of at least 700 can boost your chance of success.”

Additional Amex Green Card application requirements include:

  • Being at least 18 years old
  • Living in the United States
  • Ready to pay the $150 annual fee

In theory, this card can be easier to qualify for than the Amex Gold or Amex Platinum. It has a lower annual fee and is an entry-level travel credit card. It’s a charge card without a preset credit limit.

Amex Green Card Approvals

Here are several data points from recently approved American Express Green Card applications.

Tjs19593 had 2 personal American Express and 1 business American Express card at the time of application, an 840 credit score, and an income above $225,000. They received instant approval.

Dacv01 was instantly approved with a 720 credit score. This person report only having secured credit cards two years ago, so they haven’t had excellent credit for a long time.

Tarlej17 was approved with a 708 credit score with Experian and doesn’t report receiving a hard pull. The card doesn’t have a preset spending limit, but they are initially eligible for a $10,000 Pay Over Time spending limit.

Chazzay12 got instantly approved with an average 692 credit score which is within the “good credit” range of 670 to 739. This user has existing American Express credit cards, and it’s possible this relationship helped them get approved. Still, their Pay Over Time limit is a relatively low $1,250.

Conraddj got approved for the Amex Green with a 644 credit score, but only after additional review. So, getting approved with a score lower than 700 is possible, but the odds of instant approval are low.

Kalmizar was denied getting the Amex Green, despite having a credit score above 700, not opening a new cad in several years, and having the Amex Gold and Amex Platinum already. This example helps demonstrate that approval isn’t always a guarantee.

There are several other data points of people applying with a score in the mid or low-600s and being denied. American Express isn’t known for reversing denials if you call the reconsideration line. But it can be worth a try if you have borderline credit or want to contest the denial reason.

American Express Credit Card Application Rules

The American Express Green Card application guidelines are fairly lenient as it’s a charge card without a preset spending limit. As a result, you can bypass these two restrictions don’t apply:

  • Only having a maximum of five Amex cards with a preset spending limit
  • Applying for no more than two Amex cards with a spending limit within 90 days

So, it’s possible to get approved for the Green Card sooner after opening another account or if you already have several American Express credit cards. Still, it’s a good habit to space out your applications to provide time for your credit score to recover, establish a positive payment history, and have the cash reserves to earn the welcome bonus.

In particular, consider applying when your credit score is higher than 700. Also, make sure the credit utilization on your existing cards is low as a large balance can create concern.

Can You Prequalify for the Amex Green?

It’s possible to prequalify and test your Amex Green approval odds by using the American Express prequalification tool or CardMatch™.

Neither service hurts your credit to estimate your approval chances. However, a hard inquiry is required to apply and determine official eligibility. One advantage of using the CardMatch tool is that you can be eligible for exclusive bonuses that are higher than what’s available to the general public.

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So, is the American Express Green Card hard to get? The American Express® Green Card requires good or excellent credit. American Express suggests applying once your score exceeds 700. This card is the easiest way to earn Amex points on travel as flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and experiences can earn 3x Membership Rewards per $1. It’s also a budget-friendly alternative to the Amex Platinum or Amex Gold.

For rates and fees of the American Express® Green Card, please click here.

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