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My family and I have sailed on a couple of cruises recently and we’re gearing up for another! Last summer, we sailed the Mediterranean on Enchanted Princess and loved it so much, we booked another cruise on the same ship over the holidays. Here are our 22 reasons to sail aboard Enchanted Princess.

Cruise essentialsSailing with Princess was wonderful for all of us and especially our kids, who loved everything about the experience, from all the on-board activities to all the ports of call. Princess is family-friendly without being over the top so it’s great if you’ve got kids and great if you don’t.

While preparing for our trip last summer, we learned a lot about what to pack and what not to pack. As we gear up for our summer trip in a few weeks, here are some of the cruise essentials we will be packing:

1. Portable Wi-Fi router
Most cruise lines charge an arm and a leg for Wi-Fi but tech guru Kim Komando turned me onto a pocket-sized, portable Wi-Fi router. She wrote in her newsletter, “think of a travel router as your own private hub on the ship’s network. Pay for the internet for one device but share it using this.” We haven’t tried this yet but if the Amazon reviews are accurate, it works well, though others report that some ships don’t allow them so you’ll want to verify first. At the time of this publication, the device is 36% off.

Magnetic hooks
2. Magnetic hooks
Last summer, a reader suggested this little-known cruise essential that I never knew about and she was spot on with her recommendation. She suggested packing magnetic hooks like these to use inside our cabin. Since most cabin walls are made of metal, you can stick hooks to the walls and give yourself some much needed extra storage. It’s a great way to help you stay more organized inside your cabin.

3. Non surge protected power strip
Most of us need outlets aplenty to charge all our devices and other electronics. A power strip is always a good thing to have packed in your bag but did you know that surge protected power strips are prohibited by cruise lines? Pack a power strip that’s not surge protected to be compliant. This one has 3 AC outlets, 3 USB-A ports, 1 USB-C port and is not surge protected.

Princess medallion wristband.
4. Princess Cruise Medallion Wristband
If you’re sailing on a Princess Medallion-class ship, you’ll be given a medallion that can be used in a variety of ways. It’s part Apple AirTag (you can track your shipmates with it), part credit card (you can pay for on-board purchases with it) and part room key (your cabin door will automatically unlock upon your approach if you’re wearing it). Since you’ll have to have it on your person at all times and since the lanyard it comes with isn’t the best option, consider a wristband that you can discreetly tuck your medallion into and wear discreetly without it swinging from your neck. You can also affix your medallion to the back of your phone with this holder if you’d prefer not to wear it. This is what I did on our last cruise and this is my preferred option. Or, if you wear an Apple Watch, you can slide this silicone holder on to your watch band.

Beach towel clips.
5. Beach towel clips for beach chairs

Isn’t it so irritating when your beach towel continually slides down on your beach or pool chair? If you plan to spend time poolside on your cruise, you’ll be glad you packed these handy little clips to keep your towel nice and secure so you can focus on rest and relaxation. You can buy the boring ones or the cute ones – you choose.

6. Wet bags
I never travel without a wet bag. This zip-top waterproof bag can be used in a multitude of ways to carry anything but it’s specifically for wet items so if you’re headed to a pool or beach and plan on changing, just throw your wet bathing suit in the bag and zip it up until you’re able to wash and/or dry them. If you have wet items to pack before you head home, you’ll be glad you have this. They’re washable and won’t leak and can even be used for dirty shoes or anything else you want to keep separate from other items in your suitcase.

Wrinkle release spray
7. Wrinkle release spray

I loathe going out in wrinkled clothes. While my clothes may wrinkle as the day goes on, leaving home or, my cabin in this instance, and starting the day in wrinkled clothes has never felt right to me. Since irons are prohibited aboard cruise ships (they’re a fire hazard), I always pack some Downy wrinkle release spray to help eliminate wrinkles. Plus, it works as an anti-static spray and can eliminate odors if necessary.

Disinfectant wipes
8. Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer

The pandemic was my husband’s Super Bowl. As a true blue germaphobe, he’d been training for it his whole life without even realizing it. We were the weird people wiping down our airplane seats, trays and seatbelt buckles with disinfectant wipes long before it became quotidian. But these days, disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer are a travel must, especially on a cruise ship.

9. Travel insurance
The CDC advises that “all prospective cruise travelers should verify coverage with their health insurance carriers and, if not included, consider purchasing additional insurance to cover medical evacuation and health services received onboard cruise ships and in foreign countries.” For travel insurance, my family has a policy from Allianz. Full disclosure: For years, Allianz Travel Insurance has been a sponsor and/or partner of For medical evacuations, our family uses MedjetAssist.

10. Small bills
While the beauty of a cruise is that you don’t need to pay for food and drinks as you go along, you may want to have small bills on hand for tipping during other parts of your travel like transportation, bellhops, hotel housekeeping, etc. I always travel with a small stash of $2 for this purpose.


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