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The eero is perfect for anyone who, like me, is addicted to fast Wi-Fi and who gets frustrated by dead zones in their house. One of the most infuriating things is returning from a trip where I struggled to get decent Wi-Fi only to come home, get all settled in bed and find myself unable to stream a movie on Hulu, Netflix or my laptop. Ugh.

As a regular guest on Leo Laporte’s show The Tech Guy on TWiT TV, we’ve talked about the eero before and I’ve been curious to check it out. When the kind folks at eero sent me a starter kit to test drive, I was excited to get it up and running. Bottom line: I’m impressed.

Eero set-up
If you hate weak Wi-Fi like I do (I mean, who doesn’t?), you’re going to love eero. It was created to maximize your Wi-Fi signal at home and solve dead zones in your house or apartment. Unlike a Wi-Fi extender, which I tried but it did not work, eero creates your very own network. Set-up is easy and it took me just 20 minutes to set up all three devices … and I’m not the most tech savvy guy around. This thing is so simple to set up, my sister Carol could do it and that’s saying something. (Just kidding, Carol!)

eero2Eero covers every corner of every room with reliable Wi-Fi. Just download the app, plug an eero directly into your existing cable or DSL modem, and follow the prompts on your smartphone (I love the humor that’s incorporated into the prompts, making set-up feel fun, not stressful!) It works best when the devices are 40 feet or less apart and there aren’t any walls or appliances in the way. My wife can now stream movies in all rooms of our house (she had been complaining that our streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video weren’t working) and I can work on my laptop anywhere. It’s awesome!

Eero pairs with Amazon Echo
I’ve raved about the Amazon Echo before and I was thrilled to discover that I can pair it with eero. Just like setting up eero, pairing the two devices is super quick and simple. Once they’re paired, eero’s custom Alexa skill allows you to do things like find your phone, pause the internet and even turn off eero’s LED lights at bedtime.

Sleek design
Superior function aside, I also love how good the eero looks. My wife is all about aesthetics in our home and you know she wouldn’t like lumpy, ugly WiFi extenders lying around the house. But the eero is so attractive, you don’t mind having it on display. Much like Apple products, there’s an obvious focus on design and eero is slim, sleek and compact; you won’t be trying to hide them behind the couch!

Good to know
-If you have a space that’s smaller than 1,000 square feet, an individual eero is all you need.
-Required for setup: internet service, modem and supported Apple iOS device or Android smartphone with data connection





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