Bring a change of clothes on the planeIf you saw the insane family travel photo that I took last week (below) of Jack projectile vomiting on Natalie, you know that one thing the whole experience taught us was to pack a change of clothes to carry on to the plane. We had always packed an extra outfit for Jack, but we now realize that adults need to have backup clothes, too, even if they aren’t traveling with a child. You never know if you’ll be seated next to one, have a drink spilled on you, etc.

Have you ever needed to change clothes mid-flight? Share your story in the comments!




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2 Comments On "Bring a Change of Clothes on the Plane"
  1. Sheila|

    I was on a flight from London Heathrow back to Toronto. My jacket & sweater were under the seat in front of me, along with a small carryon. A child sitting in the seat in front of me threw up so much that it all, thanks to the force of gravity, traveled down through the back of the seat and ended up all over the sweater, jacket and carryon bag! I was thankful that at least I was on the way home. It was nasty though!

  2. NieNie|

    This is so true! Especially for women, you have no idea how many times Aunt Flow decides to enter my life on the plane. LOL Sorry TMI. But, I always bring an extra pair of clothing with me at all times if I don’t plan on doing a carry-on. I always worry about what ifs like if my bag is lost in transit. Great tip!

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