If you’re a parent, then you know that traveling with children isn’t always glamorous or easy. In fact, it’s usually quite the opposite. My wife and I are quickly learning to be family travel experts – if that’s even possible – since each trip is a new learning experience.

That’s especially true of what was supposed to be our 2-hour and 20-minute JetBlue flight from Richmond, Virginia to Fort Lauderdale, Florida last week.

Just 10 minutes into the flight, our 19-month-old son Jack projectile vomited all over Natalie. I was sitting across the aisle snapping photos out the window when Natalie yelled my name. I turned around to see her in a state of shock. It was obvious that Jack had just thrown up on her and as I jumped up to get some paper towels, something in my head said I needed to document the moment since none of our family members would believe he’d actually thrown up on her and to show what mothers go through being a mom!

BTW: Jack’s been on a few dozen flights and he’s never thrown up before. He’s only vomited a handful of times at home and he’s completely unfazed by, um, clearing his cookies and afterwards, he just goes on like nothing ever happened. He obviously doesn’t take after his dada because when I throw up, I just want to cry and yell for someone to rub my back and bring a cold wet cloth for my forehead like my mom used to do.

Anyway, it turns out that at the exact moment I snapped the photo, he vomited again. I threw the phone down so fast that the throw up actually landed on the phone. About ten minutes later, after we’d cleaned Natalie and the airplane seat up, I wondered if I’d caught Jack throwing up on camera. When I looked at the photo gallery on my phone, my eyes almost popped out of my head. I couldn’t believe what I’d captured.I didn’t post the photo right away; Natalie said she didn’t want me to because she looked awful but after showing it to some of our close friends, they talked her into it, saying it’s one of the most insane family travel photos of all time.

Like many moms, Natalie was a trooper. She took it all in stride and even laughed about it … and this is even after the flight ended up getting diverted to Fort Myers to refuel because of thunderstorms over FLL, so our travels took double the time.

One thing that this whole experience taught us was to pack a change of clothes. We always pack an extra outfit for Jack but now I realize that adults need to have backup clothes too, even if they aren’t traveling with a child. You never know if you will be seated next to one and or if other accidents happen as well, like a drink being spilled on you.

As for our experience, the flight attendant says it happens all the time with kids. “It’s just what they do,” she said. Apparently so!

8 Comments On "My Most Insane Family Travel Photo of All Time"
  1. Barron Fujimoto|

    Wow, that is quite a photo. What timing! :D

  2. Pauline|

    Johnny, Before Jack was born, you asked readers to submit suggestions for tips for traveling with babies. I would enjoy seeing a post on what suggestions you actually used and which ones have been the most helpful to you.

  3. Tessa|

    Mom-of-the-Year!!! You win, Natalie girlfriend! What a perctly timed pic! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Monica Salter|

    Wow…that’s one for the books! Of course Natalie still looks gorgeous with puke in her hair…

  5. Neal Couey|

    It had to happened sooner or later…well played, Natalie!

  6. Patrick Fortino|

    Do you really think that anyone wants to see your kid’s vomit pictures? You must be retarded

    1. Tricia|

      Patrick Fortino, your comment is so rude. Why do you comment if you have nothing good to say?

  7. Kathy|

    Oh wow!!!

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