Stari Most Bridge in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Stari Most Bridge in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Visits to Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina go hand in hand, as the two countries were once a part of what is now formerly Yugoslavia.

Bosnia-Herzegovina is grittier, with more evidence of the Bosnian War and the siege it was under for years but certainly no less beautiful and definitely full of poignant reminders of both the good and the bad. Croatia, meanwhile, has a relationship with nature all its own. Conveying the beauty of its rolling valleys and breathtaking coastline is near impossible, not to mention the food and the congenial nature of its people.

Insight Vacations offers trips throughout the world that get you hands-on with the local culture and face-to-face with the local people. They treat their clients as travelers, not tourists, and manage to do so with ease and comfort in mind. Their European tours use Mercedes buses with Wi-Fi and reclining seats that also adjust sideways and which have a restroom below seating level (because no one wants to sit next that). The tours are ever-morphing to accommodate feedback from clients and the changing desires of travelers in general. I was once a naysayer, but have converted to this form of travel—which offers big bang for the buck as well. I added up the individual cost per day to plan a trip like this on my own and it was almost double the cost of a luxury guided Insight tour.

Here’s my trip with Insight to these two fascinating, lesser-known countries, in six parts:

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    We do not want self drive we want a proper tour with Insight to Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina Montenegro

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