How to find out what's on the other side of the Earth relative to where you're standingWhen I was a kid, someone told me that if I dug a huge hole I would end up in China. Well, according to the Antipodes Map, that person was wrong.

To find out what’s actually on the other side of the Earth relative to where you’re standing—or anywhere at all—look no further than the Antipodes Map (which is appropriately named, because the meaning of the word “antipode” according to Oxford Dictionaries is “the direct opposite of something.”). To use it, you simply type your country, city, address, zip code, or geographical coordinates into the search box, press the “Find” button, and watch the Antipodes Map “man” dig a tunnel from the selected location on the “Left Map” right through the center of the Earth to the other side of the world—represented on the Right Map. Both maps can be moved and zoomed in and out of. Below each map, you can view the selected location address and geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude).

I’m glad I never finished digging that hole growing up because I would’ve ended up in the Indian Ocean!


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