One of the great perks of travel is the access it allows to new and delicious food and drink. You can eat fresh pasta in Italy, take down pilsners in Czechia, hunt momos in Kathmandu, and on and on—and in each experience learn a ton about your destination through your palate. As a wine drinker, for example, there are whole worlds to drink in, everywhere from Italy to South Africa to Egypt.

If you’re a wine-drinking traveler, you might also want to check out Winc. Winc is a monthly wine delivery service that makes it easy to discover great wines from around the world without leaving the house. For around $60/month including shipping, Winc’s wine experts will make sure you have drinkable grapes on your doorstep each month. You can make your own selections on the website, or you can have Winc’s wine experts make personalized selections for you.

Here’s how it works, based on a complimentary order Winc let place:

  • You sign up (no fee), using this link to take $26 off (1-2 bottles) your first order (that’s four bottles for the price of two of their delicious wine plus no additional cost for shipping)
  • You fill out your profile by taking the short Palate Profile Quiz online, answering questions like “How do you take your coffee?” and “How you feel about blueberries?”
  • You review the wines Winc offers (via partnerships with wineries in 10 countries) and select what you’d like to try, using Winc’s recommendations (or not); wines start around $13/bottle
  • You fill your monthly box with your desired or recommended wines, submit your shipping and payment info, and wait for your order to show up (each month with a new Winc Journal, full of recipes for pairing, etc.)
  • You review your wines once you’ve tried them (the more wines you rate, the more personalized your monthly recommendations become)
  • Your boxes continue to show up each month, with new or repeat wines as you like!

Importantly, there’s no membership fee, and you can skip or customize any month’s delivery. And if you don’t like a bottle they send you, they’ll replace it, no questions asked.

That’s important, because though just about every label is beautiful, not every wine will be to your liking. That’s just par for the course. The really cool thing about Winc, then, is that the company’s dynamic system of curation increases your chances of finding new and exciting wines from across the globe with almost no effort. If you travel often, you probably know how it feels to arrive home to an empty fridge or a bare-bones wine collection. Why not return home to a box stuffed with Summer Water Rosé (from California) and Rogue Admirals Shiraz (from Australia’s Limestone Coast) instead?

For $26 off: Winc has offered readers $26 of their first order. Click here to open the website with the promo applied—and let us know what you think of Winc in the comments below.


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