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Happy first full day of autumn … or fall, as I like to call it! Growing up in Connecticut, this day used to bum me out but here in California it feels like anything but fall. It’s 108F here in Palm Springs. Insane, right?

I didn’t send my daily tip newsletter yesterday because I wasn’t feeling great. I’m not sure if it was the change of climate, dehydration or the air conditioning filter where I’m staying but my asthma acted up and that hasn’t happened in a long while.

Usually it’s triggered by mold or dust but our house rental has no visible signs of either. My buddy, former travel writer and Palm Springs resident Chris McGinnis brought over Liquid I.V. and suggested I take it, along with a steamy hot shower. Chris thought I might have been dehydrated and you know what? He might be right. I added a single packet of Liquid I.V., powdery substance that’s a lot like Emergen C, to my water and started feeling much better within a couple of hours.

The mix contains 5 essential vitamins including Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 and Vitamin C.

I’m not sure if it was a coincidence or not and I should note that Chris is not a doctor but his father is so maybe he inherited some good medical instincts! All kidding aside, I just ordered a box from Amazon, which comes in packs of 8, 16, 48, 96 or 192. There are also a variety of flavors.

In addition, I fired up the humidifier I’d packed because it’s always a good idea to use when going to notoriously dry destinations like Palm Springs or the mountains. Many hotels have them but not all do and they usually don’t have many so I recommend asking when you check in or bringing your own. This is the one I use and here are some other options to consider.

4 Comments On "What I Now Pack When Traveling To Fend Off Dehydration"
  1. Janet|

    It looks like the real secret ingredients are 500 mg of sodium and 370 of Potassium. Think Gatorade. It is a rehydration solution and the benefit probably doesn’t have much to do with the vitamins. Taking rehydration salts packets with you traveling to hot climates is a good idea. I have lived in the Palm Springs area year round for 30 years, and I am an MD. (Those who need to restrict sodium intake should use with caution)

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good to know! Thank you

  2. Stefani J Brancato|

    I have also seen Liquid IV at my local Costco!

  3. James Sheridan|

    Expensive urine as vit b and c are water soluable and the human body efficiently gets rid of excessive doseages!

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