If you never heard of the late Huell Howser (he sadly passed away in January 2013), you probably don’t live in the Golden State. Huell hosted a show on PBS called California’s Gold that was so popular that it’s still running today on KCET (Southern California’s PBS affiliate).

What’s great for folks planning on visiting California is that they can access many of Huell’s videos online at this designated KCET.org page. That’s where you’ll see why Huell had a cult following. He was so enthusiastic, passionate, sincere, and square that he could make a drained swimming pool look interesting.

I was a huge fan of Huell’s (like most Californians and travelers) and was fortunate to meet him multiple times at travel shows or functions. I’m happy to say he was just like the man you see on TV. His thick Tennessee drawl will always be deeply missed, and I can still hear him say “wwwwwwwwooooowwww.” Thanks to KCET, I can hear it more often.

From the site: “Join Huell Howser as he travels the state to share California’s rich history, cultural diversity, natural wonders, and amazing denizens. Whether road tripping on a California highway, exploring downtown Los Angeles, or visiting state parks and fairs, Huell’s travel shows, including his signature series ‘California’s Gold’ and ‘Visiting,’ all have one thing in common: showcasing what makes the Golden State unique.”

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  1. Gary Stamey|

    Watching Huell Howser interact with his interviewees always made me happy.
    Huell would seek out and chat with locals about what they were doing to make California a great place to live and visit.

    Huell is surely missed, his friendly smile and unassuming nature always made those he interviewed/chatted with seem like family.

    Thanks Johnny for telling folks about Huell Howser and now we can still see/hear him and all the glory that is California’s Gold!

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