Twitter user @davenewworld_2 posted the video below earlier this morning and it’s quickly garnered over 10 million views. Ten million! The 20-second clip is of a man singing a religious song mid-flight. It wasn’t clear which airline or route this occurred on but I’m guessing it was Easy Jet in the U.K. as many of the passengers are maskless (the UK ended their mask mandate last month), the engine cover is orange and an advertisement on each seat reads: “Enjoy our new summer range onboard.” No airline in the U.S. has that, that I’m aware of, and no U.S. flight attendants would allow people to go unmasked.

I grew up Catholic and up until the pandemic began, I attended mass regularly. Regardless, I’m not sure how I would feel about a dude just busting out his guitar mid-flight and starting to sing Christian songs to a completely captive audience. I’m guessing there was a group of passengers going on some kind of church trip but clearly, there were some passengers who didn’t appreciate it.

Below are some of the best replies on Twitter:

If this happened on one of your flights here in the US, what would your reaction be? Leave a comment below!

Update: According to TMZ, the “video was shot/posted by Jack Jensz Jr. — who seems to be a pastor of some sort, and who founded an org called Kingdom Realm Ministries. video was shot/posted by Jack Jensz Jr. Him and his congregation have been in Europe lately helping out the refugees fleeing Ukraine, and according to his FB timeline — this might’ve been shot on a flight to Germany around April 9, so a full week ago at this point. It just seems to be getting picked up now.”


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7 Comments On "VIDEO: Worshipping Jesus 30,000 Feet in the Air"
  1. Randy|

    This Christian is appalled. I’d be ok with anyone performing in a corner of the airport – but in your face on a plane? That’s just rude – and rudeness is not a fruit of the Spirit.

  2. Ina S.|

    I would not be a happy flyer…not force religion on me and I’m a Catholic Christian.

  3. Craig|

    If it makes people feel uncomfortable, you might think twice about doing it.
    If they are going to Ukraine to help, that’s wonderful. But if they are saying “If we give you food, would you join our church?” I’m not so sure that the intention is to help or to win points with God.

  4. Carol|

    You would be branded a bigot or racist if you questioned any other religion besides Christianity doing this.

  5. Bob Robar|

    Again, let’s get a few more facts, please! It may have been a charter from a church or christian organization…. Let’s just chill, people!!!

  6. Nora|

    If the Muslims can pray and worship in the aisles of the plane without any criticism, we can also sing and celebrate the majesty of the Lord.

  7. Patrick|

    The Gospels implore us to go and spread the Word and Love of Jesus. Just as we are to be obedient to wear a mask when so mandated, we are to be obedient in following the Word of Jesus.

    While it may make others “uncomfortable”, there is no comfort in the consequences of not having an eternal life in Heaven.

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