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Yesterday, I wrote about how travelers should be careful when eating at restaurants (especially when dining al fresco) and when using their phones when walking down the street or on a bus or train. See all the videos I compiled of thieves snatching phones and laptops.

Today, I came across another disturbing video of a thief stealing two bags in a pub in the middle of the day. The two ladies were talking to each other and not paying attention to their luggage. As you will see in the video below, on top of the larger roller suitcase was a backpack.


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The thief wasn’t happy with just the backpack, which you would think has all the valuables, so instead he took both. You can tell he was cautious and did a couple of tests to see if the women were paying attention or if they had the suitcase tied down. They didn’t and he made his move.

I’m not clear who filmed this but the person who posted it was upset because she says the police won’t do anything, even though they know what the bad guy looks like and there are CCTV cameras all around the city.

Here’s her post translated to English: “Be Careful on Your Travels to London !!! This is a Warning. Take care of your suitcases and bags in London! I meant it wasn’t safe and this happened to us. Unfortunately, you can’t say how such a thing can happen in the middle of the day. I want to warn you too, pay attention. We can replace the things that are gone, but we cannot overcome the fear, stress and insecurity we experience. Unfortunately the police are doing nothing.. When such a misfortune happens to you, even if you go to the police, all they do is hold your hand and give you the file number. What was taken is evident, the face of the man is evident. There are CCTC cameras all over London, we are being watched till our mouths, but we have nothing! There are no distractions! They don’t even have a mask on their faces, they are so sure that no one will come after them.. Win, come knowing where you came from so that we can build a safer life… I am very very sad.”

And it’s not just London you have to worry about. This kind of theft happens all over the world, including in the U.S. Thieves prey on travelers since they’re unsuspecting and they usually have a lot of valuables, especially cash.

Having your wallet, passport, phone, computer and whatever else you keep in your backpack, purse or luggage stolen would be devastating no matter where you are but it’s even more upsetting and inconvenient when you’re traveling.

Be sure to stay vigilant and if necessary, use a lock and cable like these to secure your belongings.


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