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I’ve been fortunate to be a weekly guest (usually Saturdays at 12:30pm PT) on Leo Laporte’s The Tech Guy show for over five years. I first met Leo in 2003 on his Tech TV show that aired on cable TV. Leo was so cool and calmed all my anxieties about going on a national TV show. I was so stoked when he kept asking me back, and when his studio kept moving, I kept traveling to it. The first studio was in San Francisco, the next was in Vancouver and then there was Toronto (here’s a video from 2007). Several years ago he created his own network and took his studio just north of San Francisco to Petaluma, which is part of Sonoma County. These days, I usually just Skype in but I’ve been to the set a few times and it’s always been a treat to do it in person.

Just last week I mentioned to Leo that he should take our 10-minute travel segment and post it to YouTube so people don’t have to search through a two-hour show as they’ve had to in the past (all of his shows are on YouTube and Leo thought it was a great idea and sure enough, he started implementing it immediately. The first video—they call them TWiT Bits—posted this week. TWiT is the name of his network and stands for This Week in Tech. I hope you like them.

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