A Delta Air Lines passenger filmed and shared on Reddit a disturbing video from the Delta Sky Club in Detroit’s Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW). RELATED: Is it Time For Airlines to Start Offering Pet-Free Flights?

The video, originally shared on Reddit, has since been taken down but the caption from @ProfessionalEye3568 still stands, and reads. “This isn’t delta specific but filmed from the sky club at DTW. I was shocked at how this airport handler is dragging this poor pup around. There’s no reason anyone should be flipping a working dog around by it’s harness like this?! I have a high energy dog so at first I assumed it was a mistake or that the puppy was a bit over energetic but looks like the handler is just being unnecessarily rough with it. 🥺”

ProfessionalEye3568 is right. There’s no reason for the TSA agent to be handling a working dog or any dog for that matter.

According to Local 4, a Detroit news station, “The dog works with TSA agents as part of the explosion detection team. On Sunday morning, a video of the dog being aggressively handled circulated social media, and many viewers were reportedly disturbed by the agent’s actions.”

Here’s the video and news report now posted on YouTube via a Detroit Fox News station:

YouTube video

One commenter, @brianschlaf7007, said what many are feeling: “Don’t think I would be able to control my temperature after seeing that if I was there I love dogs and this is terrible.”

The incident has also garnered the attention of a Representative from Michigan’s State House District. Rep. Jamie Thompson tweeted, “This disturbing video of a detection dog being aggressively pulled by its handler at Detroit Metro Airport has come to my attention. These dogs spend much of their lives keeping travelers and fellow airport staff safe, so this video was very troubling. Since this involved a TSA agent, Detroit Metro has referred this matter to TSA and they are investigating. In response to news reports, TSA has said the employee in the video has been removed from handling duties pending the completion of the investigation. I will continue to monitor this situation. People and families across our region frequent Detroit Metro every day, and it’s important to make sure proper protocols are being followed.”

According to USA Today, “The video was shared with local TSA leadership and the employee in question has been removed from his duties until the investigation is complete, according to a statement from the agency. The dog was sent to a veterinarian for a wellness exam and was found to be in good health.”


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