Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Pat G., who says:

“Whenever we travel to a country where the water is unsafe I always put a bottle of water IN the bathroom sink. It serves to remind us not to absentmindedly rinse our toothbrushes under the faucet. We’ve made that mistake in the past and paid the price!”

I do the same thing. Thanks, Pat!




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4 Comments On "A Trick to Help You Avoid Unsafe Drinking Water"
  1. Leo Sigh|

    I do find Americans to be a lot more obsessed with bottled water than any other nationality, which is odd as so much of America’s tap water is not clean.

    Here in Austria, I’ve had American friends insistent on buying bottled water — terrible for the environment — and a crazy waste of money as Austria has amazingly clean and lovely tasting water :)

    Understand the need for bottled water in a country with truly unclean water, but wish so many Americans were not so obsessed with it when there is no need. Bottled water is really really really bad for the environment, guys.

  2. Karyn Moore|

    I use a water bottle with a built in filter. They can be found for around $12. The problem is not that water is impure, but our “home” gut microbes do not always get along with foreign water. I learned this from a Portuguese colleague over 40 years ago when he explained to me why his relatives always brought water from their local well when they came to the city for a visit!
    Here’s another heads up…only drink water that you have opened and has a plastic seal. Bottles stored in cold water can become contaminated and I have witnesses a server with a hose refilling name brand water bottles behind a restaurant in Mazatlan!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good tip! Thanks

  3. Greg Chinn|

    My wife ordered a bottle of water at an Italian restaurant (in Italy)years ago while I had a beer. The cap was already off the bottle when brought to the table. My wife spent the next 3 days in the hotel bathroom in Switzerland. Not a happy moment.

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