The traveling clothesline every traveler needsOne of my challenges as a frequent traveler is getting laundry done. No one wants to pay the ridiculously overpriced hotel laundry fees of a luxury hotel, or spend time at a destination hanging out in a seedy laundromat. Ideally, a hotel or cruise will have washing machines for guests to use, or—if there’s a laundromat near you—pickup and delivery will come at a reasonable cost.

However, I know plenty of travelers (including myself) who have done laundry in a hotel sink or tub, which is why many bring their own detergent like these soap packets. Well another great laundry item travelers will want is this Flexo-Line portable laundry clothesline. It’s a compact, money-saving, lightweight travel essential.

Flexo-Line was invented 75 years ago by Lloyd Copeman, who also invented the electric stove, automatic toaster and rubber ice cube tray and has over 650 patents to his name. Like many of his inventions, Flexo-Line is thoughtfully designed and simple to use, since each Flexo-Line requires no clothespins. It’s made from durable, high-quality, lightweight materials including surgical-quality natural latex rubber tubing with triple-strand braids for extra grip. It’s hand-washable and smooth, it won’t snag delicate fabrics, and it loops easily around doorknobs, hooks, trees, or rods.

The Flexo-Line can be used while cruising, backpacking, camping, RVing, sailing, and in hotels, vacation rentals, hostels, apartments, and dorms. It stretches up to seven feet (2.1m) and holds up to 12lbs (4.5 kg) of wet clothing yet only weighs about an ounce (35g). It’s available in five colors—blue, white, green, black, and red—and it costs $14.99. The Flexo-Line is available on Amazon Prime for $14.99. When used properly, it can last for years.


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