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LAX Runway 25 (
It’s no secret that my favorite airport in the US is Los Angeles International (LAX). It’s my home airport, and I’ve been in and out of it so many times that I’ve learned to master it. Of course, LAX has had its problems (ahem, traffic), but the city is now spending billions to take it to the next level. What I really love about it—besides the proximity to my house—is the opportunity it provides to go pretty much anywhere in the world within two flights, its local restaurants and shops, and the Tom Bradley International Terminal. When the LAX team found out that I was such a fan, they even invited me to shoot a commercial for the airport’s website (my page—with the commercial—is here) so I could showcase some of my LAX tips/tricks.

Thanks to a local law firm that specializes in cargo law, there are a couple of LIVE webcams mounted on an LAX building overlooking runway 25 right. Check them out:




Screenshot from
Screenshot from

3 Comments On "Travel Webcam of the Week: LAX Runway 25"
  1. Jan|

    LAX 25L and 25R webcams have been down for 6-8 months now. I got a brief email a while back indicating that they would be up some time in November, but it never happened. Do you have any idea what is happening there?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I don’t

  2. Jan|

    Thanks for the reply. The “Over the Pacific” camera has come on sporadically 6-8 times in the last couple of months. One day they both came on for most of a day. Neither one is panning and the downfield camera is aimed at intersection Foxtrot rather than the cargo area and the east end of runway 25R. If you know of anyone with influence (or information), please let me know. I really miss this service (there was a company in Boston who was doing this at Logan, but bailed out early).

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