ParisNever Walk Away from Your Valuables
When my wife and I were in France a few weeks ago (staying at the Pullman Eiffel Tower and the Pullman Paris Bercy, seen above), I noticed she’d left her iPhone on the table when we both went to fill our plates at a breakfast buffet. Like any loving husband, I decided to put it in my pocket and go back to the buffet to teach her a valuable lesson: Never walk away from your valuables in the open, even for a moment.

I watched her arrive back to the table a few seconds before me and watched her check, double-check and triple-check all of her pockets for her phone. Just before she really panicked, I whipped it out. “You got me!” she said. “Better me than the bad guy,” I replied.

Don’t leave your phone or anything valuable out in the open when you’re stepping away—even in a hotel restaurant, just for a second. Thieves thrive on this behavior. Just watch this video of a woman losing her laptop in a San Francisco café.



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2 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Never Walk Away from Your Valuables"
  1. Heather|

    Ummm. It’s your wife, not a child. Why can’t you simply, lovingly remind her? “Teach her a lesson?” What? Is she five?

    1. Heather|

      ^^ Please take that with sarcasm

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