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My cousin Dennis sent me this valuable tip from the Manhattan Beach Police Department, and it’s great advice for travelers, especially during the holiday season:

“During the holiday season, millions of packages will be shipped to homes and businesses across the country containing gifts and other valuable items. This increase in shipping also presents an opportunity for thieves looking to go “shopping” at your porch or front door. Many package thieves follow delivery trucks as they enter a neighborhood and wait for items to be dropped off on a front porch or near a front door when the resident is not home to receive the package. The thief then makes his or her way up to the front door and steals the package after the delivery truck has left.

Please take precautionary measures in order to prevent becoming a victim of package theft. Some of the things that you can do are:

  • Keep the tracking number and closely follow the delivery progress of your package online.
  • Contact the shipping company and arrange for delivery at a time when you will be available.
  • Contact the shipper(s) and have the package rerouted to a place you trust. Or have the package delivered to your workplace.
  • Have FedEx and UPS packages sent directly to one of their local stores or distribution centers to be held for pickup.
  • Arrange for a neighbor to receive the delivery if you know that you will not be available.
  • Request signature proof of delivery.


If you see any activity that would suggest someone is following a delivery truck or if you see someone remove a delivered package from a neighbor’s doorstep, immediately call 9-1-1.”

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