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Here’s a brilliant idea that’s just in time for the Ebola panic. Most travelers don’t want to wear a silly-looking surgeon’s mask to stay healthy or keep their germs in on the plane. But thanks to a new scarf that has built-in protection (carbon filter), they don’t have to. With the Scough, you can travel at ease while still looking stylish. Prices start at $49.

Good to know: Each filter lasts three months (without washing). Replacement filters cost $15 for one or $30 for three.

FYI: This tip was once a popular Travel Product of the Week post.



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3 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Get a Scough"
  1. Anonymous|

    You can’t be serious Mr. Jet. Profiting by scare-mongering. Do you not know how Ebola is transmitted?

    The victims need 5000 health care workers and you promote useless designer protection.

    I hope all the money raised is going to help the needy, not company preying on the fashion-starved traveller who isn’t going anywhere close to the outbreak. And perhaps may not even know where the afflicted countries are located.

    How shameful!

    Paul in Ottawa, Canada

    1. Johnny Jet|

      FYI: I don’t make a penny off of this

      1. Melinda|

        Regardless of whether or not you’re making any money from sales of the Scough, you still wrote this as your lead-in sentence:
        “Get a Scough Here’s a brilliant idea that’s just in time for the Ebola panic.”
        As we all should know by now, neither a Scough nor a face mask will provide protection from Ebola.

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