ScoughHere’s a brilliant idea that’s just in time for the Ebola panic. Most travelers don’t want to wear a silly-looking surgeon’s mask to keep healthy or keep their germs in. But thanks to a new scarf that has built-in protection (carbon filter), they don’t have to. With the Scough, you can travel at ease while still looking stylish. Prices start at $49.

Good to know: Each filter lasts three months (without washing). Replacement filters cost $15 for one or $30 for three.

3 Comments On "Travel Product of the Week: Scough"
  1. wgchinn|

    I wouldn’t walk into an American 7-11 wearing one of these.

    1. Marilyn Long|

      I agree. In fact, I was trying to imagine any circumstance where I would wear such a thing. Perhaps if I were taking a long walk in extremely cold weather and my nose was uncomfortably cold, then I might put such a thing on.

  2. Yvonne|

    You all look like terrorists or bank robbers. I think you would get arrested if you wear them.

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