FijiDon’t Publicize Your Vacations
Many of us love using social media (here’s my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to share information and photos about our travels, but you might want to be wary of doing so, especially if you have social media followers who aren’t friends or family. Posting on your social media account might be an open invitation to would-be thieves, looking for unoccupied homes to target.

So, don’t let yours be one of them. Either minimize posting about vacation time away from home or make sure that your social media accounts have strong privacy settings, ensuring that only people you trust can see sensitive information. Or alternatively, just have nothing to steal (like me), a great alarm system or a killer guard dog.

FYI: The vacation pictured was taken in Fiji, where one of our contributors got certified in SCUBA.



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7 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Publicize Your Vacations"
  1. Chandra|

    I try to only put photos of trips on FB AFTER I’m home!

    1. Brandi|

      Same here! I had a FB ‘friend’ from high school who looked for clues of when people would be out of their homes. He even used a prayer request to get into a friend’s parents’ house. He is in jail now. Ever since then I’m super careful about it. I don’t even ‘check in’ anywhere anymore.

  2. Tammy|

    Johnny, this is a really important tip. I’m surprised by how many people tweet that they’re going away. A graphic designer who’s done some work for me did this and lived to regret it — and he wrote about how his site was hacked and the huge mess he found himself in. The article is here:

  3. Anonymous|

    Hello Johnny;

    Wise advice.

    What would you you suggest for bloggers like yourself who telegraph almost ever day where they are or will be?


    Paul Hempel

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Don’t have anything to steal!

  4. julianaloh @bilbaobab|

    thanks this is great advice that not many adhere to! It’s happened twice here, both times to friends around me.

  5. Marci|

    It surprises me how many people do “publicly advertise” that they are out of town. It’s generally been our policy to let as few people as possible know when we’re gone. However, with social media today, everyone wants instant pictures, comments, etc.; and it’s so easy to get excited and to break our own rules! Thanks for this reminder, Johnny.

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