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Clean Hands, Germy Bathroom
Airplane lavatories are full of germs (as discussed in yesterday’s tip), so when I use one (or any public restroom, for that matter) I will open the door when I’m done washing my hands using a paper towel or my shirt sleeve. Howard Hughes? Maybe. Germ free? Definitely.



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14 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Clean Hands, Germy Bathroom"
  1. naoma|

    Yes, I am the “original germ-o-phobe” and I never touch anything in a public toilet. I use a paper towel to open the stall door, use a seat liner, never touch the door latch without covering my hands and same with the sink faucets. And, remember I have not had a COLD in 30 years. I even told a woman yesterday to “wash he hands” when she was leaving without doing so (in the ladies’ room). She gave me a dirty look.

  2. Joanna Janssen|

    Also it is a good Idea to use an antibacterial gel or disposable wipe when you return to your seat. I travel with these all the time. (I always make a point to wipe the remote and door handles with this at the hotels too!)

    1. Only1CasSandra (@Only1CasSandra)|

      Ever bag I own has a bottle, always using at work. Dealing with people and money (oh God, money – the international germ highway).

  3. Anonymous|

    I wish they had a trash slot outside of the bathroom to put the paper in, so you wouldn’t have to touch the door when you exit.

  4. christine pincince|

    i do this all the time everywhere and yet again i came home sick from the plane last week. i even go so far as to always wear a hoodie sweater so i dont rest my head on other folks cooties and i really try but air born is a little tough to avoid,

  5. Brian Miller|

    I always carry a Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes package (holds 15) when I travel. I wash my hands as Johnny describes and grab use a Wet Ones when I get back to my seat. I also use them to wipe down the tray table and arm rest. A flight attendant recently called me Mr. Hughes, but I have not gotten sick since doing this (years).

  6. Only1CasSandra (@Only1CasSandra)|

    I’ve been opening doors with my sleeve for years. I used to work as a Nursing Assistant and it opens your eyes regarding people. People are dirty/nasty. Ever you stand or sit on the subway and watch people. They cough, sneeze or scratch some body part and put their hands back on the pole, attaching the germs to it.

    I don’t care how hot it is I wear UnderArmour lightweight gloves when ever I go out and I know I’ll be within the public space.

    And don’t get me started on the bathrooms. You see those who do barely wash then touch the handle to open the door with their wet (unclean) hands. Sleeve or paper towels or if you’re lucky someone is entering or exiting at the same time and you use your foot to hold the door.

    Germ-paranoia, fine. I don’t like to get sick because someone are stupid.

  7. Anonymous|

    You can’t be too careful. Wearing a hazard suit and carrying your own oxygen tank and mask before boarding will certainly help. Howard Hughes would be proud of you. I’ve got 4 or 5 million miles logged on many airlines, and while simple precautions like not going barefoot into the bathroom are wise, wiping door handles and seats and trays is a tad bit overkill. Just sayin’.

    1. Cate|

      :-) I thought a few germs were supposed to be good for your immune system! Be sensible: wear shoes, wash your hands with soap, maybe open the door with a bit of tissue in your hand…practice basic hygiene! There are germs everywhere, people coughing without covering their mouths, people with dirty hands have touched some surface before you touched it…where do you draw the line? We live in a world full of germs. Fortunately healthy bodies also have immune systems to help fight the nasty ones. I can’t say I’ve never caught a cold on a plane, nor can I say I’ve never caught a cold by touching a counter at a shop, from a work colleague or a friend or a taxi driver. Help yourself with good habits by all means (which includes hygiene, being vaccinated, eating well and resting to give your body a chance!), but don’t let fear of germs rule your world or you will never get out of your House!

  8. Julius|

    The best advice is always bring Antibacterial Hand Wipes when you travel. Very nice tips!

  9. anonymous|

    I would seriously rather get “sick” once in a great while (unlikely) than to take extraordinary precautions in ordinary places.

  10. Jessica|

    OMG!!! I thought I am going crazy when it happens to be in a public place, let alone an airplane, a bus or something else. It’s a relief to know it’s not only me.

  11. Jolene|

    I do the same thing (not actually like you but more or less) One can never be too careful about being clean. Kudos on conquering your fears btw… It’s something everyone dreams about. Also thanks for sharing your post.

  12. Dora V Pedersen|

    Love you Johnny, can use all the help you can give.

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