Plane bathroomWear Shoes in the Plane Bathroom
This should be common sense but surprisingly, it’s not. Don’t ever go into a plane’s lavatory with bare feet or even with just socks on. Wear your shoes! An airplane bathroom is so disgusting and dirty. In fact, I know flight attendants who will keep the shoes they wear into a plane’s lavatory outside of their house! That’s how dirty the bathrooms are.



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10 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Wear Shoes in the Plane Bathroom"
  1. naoma|

    I never wear shoes in my all-white home and even if it were not all white I would not wear them indoors. My house is very, very clean and no one enters without wearing clean slippers I provide for them. Once a workman refused to remove his shoes or cover them and he did not get in to do the work. Please, everyone, try leaving shoes by the door and walk in slippers or sox and you will see a really clean house!!!!!!

    1. Sally|

      Naoma, I’ve tried and tried to get my hubby to do this, and he will not. I’m usually barefoot even in the winter. Any suggestions on how I can get him to take his shoes off? Drives me nuts. Plus, he would have come from the golf course~ Crazy!!

    2. alex|

      Naoma, this is exactly what we do. We take our shoes off at the door and change into our slippers.Our guests are asked to do the same. They either bring a pair with them or can wear a pair of clean guest slippers.
      If workmen won’t take their shoes off or wear covers then they don’t get in. Its pretty much the norm here for people to change into slippers when they get home, so its never really a problem.
      Sally, i would get you husband some very soft luxury sheepskin slippers. Have him wear them barefoot and once he has tried them he probably won’t want to take them off again.

  2. naoma|

    I also have a “ritual” at public toilets in museums, theaters, etc. I touch nothing without paper in my hand (papers towels or tissue.) I must say I touch nothing in a public toilet and have not have a cold in 30 years. I must be doing something right????

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I have the same tip coming out soon!

  3. Tom Markham|

    Blows my mind that someone would walk into an airline lavatory without shoes. Eeeech!!

  4. Nancy|

    We have also been told that when you fly to the Asia Countries you will see footprints on the toilet seat because women stand on seat and urinate and I guess turn around for #2. I’ve seen the footprints. Years ago the Chinese flight attendants kept the bathrooms spotless but now a days they keep them as clean as the American flights.

  5. jmassey|

    I always wear my shoes in the airplane toilets. I have seen how disgusting they can be, even in first class, by the time we reach our destination.

  6. Julia|

    In the past I’ve worn flight socks and not wanted to put shoes on top of them, meaning I’ve had to go to the bathroom in the socks. Then one time the floor was wet and I got pretty grossed out by it so I haven’t made that mistake again!

  7. Peggy|

    When the floors are filthy, that muck gets tracked into the aisles by you and everyone else. Be careful where you put your feet when in your seat.

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