Painting your nails in public is a hot topic. It seems many people do it and that it really bothers people who have to be near the nail-painting offender. Johnny Jet recently wrote a piece on this topic: The One Thing Some Women Do on Airplanes That Drives Me Nuts … And I Can’t Believe It’s Not Illegal

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Despite being highly flammable, neither nail polish nor nail polish remover are banned from airlines and they may be carried on board an aircraft. However, try painting your nails on the plane and you’ll likely be asked not to by a flight attendant since the smell is so irritating for many people.

I can’t imagine just opening up a bottle of nail polish in public and painting my nails. But I do always like to have my nails done, especially when I travel. Normally, I would book an appointment at a salon and get a gel manicure right before any trip. I always opt for a gel manicure because it lasts longer, usually about 2 weeks, so I don’t have to worry about my nail polish chipping while I’m away.

But finding the time to make a nail appointment isn’t easy and … it’s expensive! So, I finally decided to go the DIY route and I. Am. Obsessed. I will never have to go to the salon to get a manicure again.

Le Mini Macaron Gel Polish Kit
There are lots of at-home gel nail kits out there but I opted for Le Mini Macaron, mostly because of its super cute design. OK, solely because of its super cute design. The UV lamp is shaped like, yes, a macaron, and I truly appreciate the design aesthetic. I love when creative minds elevate the ordinary into something beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.

The kit comes with everything you need to complete a gel manicure: An LED lamp with a USB cord, a bottle of gel polish in a shade matching the lamp you choose, a cuticle pusher, a mini nail file, 10 gel polish remover wraps and detailed application and removal instructions.

The process is simple enough and easily explained in the included instructions. After prepping your nails, you apply the gel polish and cure each nail for 30 seconds under the LED lamp. The lamp can be plugged into your laptop with the USB cord or any USB outlet.

The swivel lamp can also be turned around so you can do a gel pedicure, too.

This handy little kit is ideal for travel. It’s so small but can give you a salon quality manicure wherever you are in the world. If you have your nails done for a special occasion and one of them chips, you can easily fix it yourself.

If you prefer a larger lamp, you can buy the Le Mini Macaron Maxi, which allows you to cure the nail polish on four nails at the same time, both hands and feet and comes with four mini bottles of gel polish.

The Le Mini Macaron Gel Polish retails for $11.99 a bottle, so not too expensive and there are lots of fun colors to choose from. You don’t really need a top coat since the polish itself is so shiny but I still added one and love how it looked. You can also use it on its own to give your natural nails a shine and more finished look.

After trying Le Mini Macaron out for myself, I am seriously impressed. The first time I attempted it myself, my manicure looked like it was straight from the salon. I messed up one thumb and had to start over but fixing it took just a few minutes. But what I loved most was doing it on my own time, on my own schedule. Instead of trying to find the time to race to the salon and taking a round-trip total of over an hour to get it all done, I was able to complete the manicure myself, comfortably at home, in about 15 minutes, while watching Netflix. I call that a win-win-win.

At just $35 for the Le Mini Macaron Gel Polish Kit and $65 for Le Mini Macaron Maxi, these sets are super affordable compared to the price of regular gel manicures. They make great gifts and you might want to pick one up for yourself while you’re at it!

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