I’ve written about this app before but it’s been a couple of years so I thought I would write about it again for a couple of reasons. One reason is that they’ve changed their name and logo. The other is that I got lost recently and I used it to literally point me in the right direction. RELATED: According to Google, These Are the Best Times to Book Flights

The app used to be called Mapless but it has been rebranded as Walk Wellbeyond. I’m not sure why because I liked the previous name and logo much better but maybe it just takes time to get used to, kind of like American Airlines’ logo. I wasn’t a fan at first but now I realize that the airline needed a refresh.

Walk Wellbeyond is iPhone only (sorry Android users) and it’s simple to use. I downloaded the map when it first came out so it was free. Now they charge $2 monthly or $10 annually and what I love about it is that it’s so simple to use.

As I wrote in my original post about Mapless, I don’t know about you but whenever I use Google Maps for walking directions, I never seem to be able to figure out which way to go at the start. They’ve gotten better with their update but I find Walk Wellbeyond superior when you’re out walking.

All users need to do is input their destination and Walk Wellbeyond tells you the distance, how many minutes it will take to get there, your estimated arrival time and the direction to go in. That’s it. There’s no map. There are no turn-by-turn instructions. Without steps to follow on your phone, you can look around and enjoy your walk. As the app description says, you are in command of your journey.

Here are some of the reasons the app creators say you should use it:
“🔥 Blaze your own trail
Stop following directions and enjoy the freedom of walking your own path again.

👀 Don’t look like a tourist

There’s no need keep to your eyes glued to your screen. Look around and take it all in.

📍 Minimalist Navigation
Turn-by-turn directions can be mind-numbing. They are certainly overkill for walking.

🗺 No more confusion
Never worry again. Walk Wellbeyond always shows you the right way to go.

🔍 Powerful Search
Search results include your walk time and an arrow pointing to each destination.

♿️ Made For All Abilities
Walk Wellbeyond has full support for Voice Over, large text, and wheelchair use.

👟 Count every step.
Every walk you take helps to complete your movement and workout rings.

⌚️ Always On Display
Walk Wellbeyond takes full advantage of the Always On Display of your Series 5, 6 or 7 Watch.

❣️ Track Your Vitals
Your Apple Watch can track and record your heart rate while you’re walking.

Not only will you never walk in the wrong direction again but it might help you enjoy destination more. It’s definitely my preferred app over Google Maps and Apple Maps when I’m on foot.


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  1. Marcia Sidwell|

    PLs ask them to make the app for Android too! I agree Google maps is difficult to know wh%ich was to go when you start!!!

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