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A few years ago, I took my then four-year-old son to the park to throw around a balsam wood plane that I’d found while clearing out my desk. It was given to me at a trade show by the former PR person at GoGo (inflight Wi-Fi) shortly after Jack was born. I remember thinking at the time that I couldn’t wait until Jack was old enough so we could assemble it and fly it together. RELATED: Hands Down the Best Beach Toy for Kids
Well, that day finally arrived and it was so much fun to fly and I thought we were the kings of the park. That is, until one of our neighbors who saw us playing pulled out a foam plane about 10 times the size of ours and asked if we wanted to try it.

We tossed the plane around for a while and it was so much fun … and so much better than the dinky wooden plane I’d brought to the park. Jack was having such a ball with it that my wife asked where she’d gotten it and of course, she said Amazon. My wife must have ordered them on the spot because a couple days later, they arrived at our doorstep. Like the money-conscious husband that I am, I asked her how much they cost and when she told me, I couldn’t believe the price. It was only $19.99 for a pack of four. I would have paid that price for just one. Having four is great so siblings or friends can play too without having to wait their turn.

The package came with two packs of two and four colors total: red, blue, orange and yellow. It takes less than a minute to assemble; there are no instructions except for a silly little diagram with no words. I was able to figure out that you can switch the back tail (also known as the empennage) to one of two slots; one will make the plane do loop-de-loops and the other will make it go straight. FYI: In doing research for this story, I now see that there’s an instructional video on Amazon demonstrating how to assemble them and how to properly use it. For example, there’s a rubber band that comes with it and foolishly, I didn’t realize it’s to use to sling shot the plane.

What I love about these toy airplanes is that they can REALLY fly. It’s so much fun to watch them go! And also, I love that they’re made out of foam so there are no hard parts to hurt little kids and they’re pretty durable. Although, Jack and I were horsing around and he stepped on the tail and it snapped off. I thought it was toast but I put some gorilla glue on it and it flies like new again.

The planes really are awesome and the sales pitch on Amazon is spot on when they say it’s the best outdoor gift for [a] plane lover, perfect for aviation and airplane-themed parties. The planes are recommended for kids aged 3-9.

On my second toss at the park, I was able to get the plane to do two loops and come right back to me so I was able to catch it. Jack looked up at me wide-eyed like I was the king of the park and this time, I really felt like I was. Buy them on Amazon here.


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  1. Kim Brucke|

    Thanks for sharing this. I will be buy some for me! Who cares that I am 51 years old?!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I’m with you!

  2. Sue|

    Thank you – great idea for outdoor time !

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