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Screenshot of the Taylor Swift Capital One commercial.

I’m feeling Taylor Swift fatigue with the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card commercial that has been airing again. Anyone, anyone, else? Okay, don’t yell at me Swifties. It’s starting to feel like I can’t even enjoy a Kansas City Chiefs football game without her taking over the conversation and even the game stats. I mean, there’s even a comparison of Travis Kelce’s stats with and without Taylor Swift in attendance.

CBS showing Kelce’s stats with and without Taylor in attendance.

Don’t get me wrong, I recognize her talent as an entertainer and songwriter, her high-profile relationships, and her incredible self-promotion skills. It’s brilliant she’s been getting free publicity at NFL games that have millions of people watching conveniently at the same time she has a movie in theaters, well, an airing of her concert in theaters. But now that she’s in my favorite card commercial, the Capital One Venture X, it’s just too much. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

In my humble opinion (IMHO), and I know nobody really cares about what I think, the Capital One Venture X card’s 75k bonus and travel perks like lounge access and TSA Precheck credit speak for themselves. Taylor Swift has been a Capital One spokesperson for a while now and has been featured in several commercials, but personally, I prefer Jennifer Garner, I guess. But there’s no denying the brilliance of the Taylor Swift marketing machine. Seriously, I’ve never seen a Halloween costume used so much as I did the Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift costume this Halloween. It was wild.

However, if you’re interested in checking out the new Taylor Swift Capital One Venture X commercial, you can watch the video below. For more information on the Capital One Venture X, you can visit their website here (Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card).

YouTube video

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