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Longtime readers may remember me featuring the SkyRoll Garment bag, a unique piece of luggage for business travelers that need to have clean crisp suits. Well, the good folks over at SkyRoll just sent me their SkyRoll Spinner, which is their newest addition—and another clever suitcase. It’s like the original SkyRoll except that it’s on wheels and is larger.

The SkyRoll Spinner works like a standard carry-on suitcase, with a key difference: Large clothes go in the garment bag that wraps around the outside of the suitcase. The suitcase and garment bag are designed to be used together, but can also be used as separate pieces of luggage. To pack the suticase, you just place the SkyRoll on a bed, un-clip the three ending clips, and unroll the garment bag. Un-clip the garment bag from the suitcase and unzip it to pack suits, dresses or other large clothes. After loading, zip it up and place ties or small items into the mesh pockets on the inside of the garment bag.

It’s ideal for keeping women’s dresses neat and includes a padded laptop section and matching toiletry kit. It fits most airline carry-on size limits, but not all (you would most likely need to gate check it if you’re on a regional jet). Grab it from for $299.99.

A new carry-on suitcase that keeps dresses neat


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