No business traveler ever wants to check a bag and it’s not because of baggage fees. Most of them are frequent fliers so they can check bags for free or have their boss pay for it. The reason is simple: They don’t want to be bogged down by waiting at the baggage carousel or risk losing it. Plus, most business trips are last-minute so shipping isn’t cost effective.

But if they are going to an important business function which requires either wearing a suit or tuxedo, they sometimes have to succumb to the expense in order to avoid getting their garments wrinkled. But now, thanks to the SkyRoll Garment Bag—the world’s first roll-up garment bag—that’s no longer the case.

The SkyRoll is perfect for those going on a quick trip as it doesn’t hold much (suit/tuxedo, pair of shoes, socks, shirt, underwear and tie), and the shape of the bag is way more compact and easier to carry than a traditional garment bag. Here’s a link to see how it works. FYI: It costs $149.99 but if you post a photo of yourself with the new SkyRoll on their Facebook page they will send you a $5 refund.




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  1. robin|

    I really wanted to like this bag, especially after all the hype. The design and construction of this bag appear to be quality (and the reviews were great**), but it unfortunately does not prevent clothing from getting wrinkled. In fact, the degree of wrinkles is actually more than I’ve ever experienced before. Having followed all the directions (including the product video), I was stunned to find two suit jackets and two shirts so wrinkled when unpacked that they required major ironing. Regrettably, Skyroll will not accept returns after the luggage has been used once, despite the manufacturer’s claim that this product keep clothes wrinkle-free. Not sure how a consumer would know how well the bag works during travel unless it is actually used, but perhaps Skyroll has had too many complaints already. If you buy, beware. **The “reviews” on the Skyroll website are all filtered thru the owner (feedback goes directly to his email); wish I had known that before purchase.

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