Each Friday, we feature a reader-inspired tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Toni P., who weighed in on this recent post on what to wear to stay safe while flying with a few suggestions:

“As a retired dentist, I am well versed in infection control and would like to make further suggestions regarding what to wear while flying. I, too, would wear a mask and face shield but would instead of the jumpsuit, just wear a long sleeve cuffed scrub jacket or long sleeve shirt over my regular clothes. I would also wear a scrub cap or scarf/bandana over my hair. The purpose of hair and clothes covering is to keep clothes underneath them clean until you arrive at your destination. When at destination, carefully remove hair cover and scrub jacket, fold inside out, take directly to laundry or place in dirty clothes bag, and immediately take a shower. This is what essential workers do every day and should minimize risks of contamination when flying.”

In general, the best advice is to avoid flying at all until things change for the better, but if you have to fly, wearing a layer that you can throw right into the laundry once you’re deplaned is definitely a smart idea. Thanks for the tip, Toni!


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4 Comments On "Use This Retired Dentist's Tip to Stay Safe While Flying"
  1. Janet|

    What a great idea and not as cumbersome as a suit! My friend is an RN and this is the type of protocol she does when she arrived home.

  2. Sherrie C|

    I find this retired dentists recommendations over the top! I have flown on 6 planes since the covid pandemic stated- 2 with Alaska in June and 4 on Delta in July and August. The airlines, airports and travelers I feel are all taking every precaution and being very safe. When you get in a car here in LA to drive anywhere you are taking risk, there is risk in tons of things we do every day. As they say, your chances are greater of getting in an accident on the way to the airport than dying in a plane crash.
    When you figure that TSA agents, airline personnel, restaurant workers, etc. have been working through this whole pandemic and nothing major has happened, that should give people a lot of comfort. Every plane I have been on, people wear masks and when they get to their seat they wipe it down. My experience has been nothing but great. So rather than sharing fear and panic and someone(dentist) basically recommending a space suit to wear on the plane, why don’t you share some positive things. Travel is our job and beloved industry and we should be trying to find some kinds of positivity because the news always finds the way to spread fear and panic.
    Hope you go on your Miami trip to see your Dad!

  3. Cynthia|

    This convinced me to fly again. Thank you.

  4. Anonymous|

    This reminds me of a game, what can I think of next.

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