A viral video caught my attention because it’s something you don’t see every day. In fact, I’ve flown millions of miles and have never seen a cat just walking down the airplane aisle … like he owns the joint. RELATED: Flying Spirit, Frontier or Allegiant Airlines? This is the Bag You Need So You Don’t Get Charged Extra

Cat walking the aisle of a Spirit Airlines flight.The video is only going viral now thanks to Pubity but it actually occurred on May 14 on a Spirit Airlines flight between Los Angeles to Nashville, Tennessee.

Jason Pitts captioned the video: “I was on a flight from a few days ago and I saw a cat roaming the aisle. Everyone was smiling and petting it…” Watch the video below:

@electricjasonnext time you think spirit airlines treats you like an animal it’s because they have experience♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

Jason wasn’t kidding and the short clip shows the cat just strolling around the flight attendants working in the front of the cabin before it makes its way slowly down the aisle. That’s when almost everyone on the aisle puts their hands down so they could pet it.

The comments shared on Instagram and TikTok are pretty funny:

khitikat: it’s the hands at the same time for me

Jay Corvidae: Haha all the hands coming down when he came down the isle was so cute

Jessica: I would pay extra for this accommodation

Tinker12342: He became everyones emotional support kitty!🥰🐈

Sofía: flight anxiety immediately gone

brina: More loose cats on planes!!!!!!!

Username867530: I would be so psyched to pet a cat on a flight lol

stephaniejillianhandler: Our cat did this once. He was a big, well-behaved black cat and we unzipped his carrier so he could stretch out a little. He stayed there for hours but went for a walk after we fell asleep. The flight attendant brought him back.

Not everyone agrees that it would be cool and I totally understand where those who are allergic are coming from.

Coconut Cookie: I think cat flights should be an option. And if you have allergies, you can choose the non cat flight. 😊

jake_desilva: I like cats and think this is cool but I’m sure the people that are allergic definitely didn’t appreciate this 😂

If you’re wondering what Spirit Airlines rules are regarding cats on the plane, they are as follows (according to their website):

“We want you to be able to take your favorite furry friend with you when you travel. That’s why we allow small domesticated pets to travel on all domestic flights including Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. in the guest cabin:

Please note that as of January 11th, 2021, emotional support animals (ESAN) will be required to travel as pets per updated Department of Transportation requirements. In order to travel as a pet, the animal must meet and follow the below requirements.

Spirit will only allow the following pets on the aircraft:
Domestic dogs
Domestic cats
Small household birds (except to / from Puerto Rico and the U.S.V.I. )
Small domestic rabbits (except to/from Puerto Rico and U.S.V.I)

I’m not sure what the backstory of this video is but I would be interested in knowing what happened. Most flight attendants don’t allow animals to stroll down the aisle so I’m guessing the cat escaped and the FAs somehow didn’t see it.


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