Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Ray S., who builds on another reader tip about rental car tires:

“After reading the tip on checking your rental car tires before leaving the agency, it reminded me you should actually take pictures of each tire sidewall as well as tread. An agent was looking closely at my rental tires when I returned a car. I asked why and he explained some people will rent a car just to swap tires out, including the spare. Photos of your rental car’s tires prior to departing the agency will prove they are the original tires upon return. You never know.”

Good to know! Thanks, Ray!

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1 Comment On "Photograph Your Rental Car Tires Before Leaving the Lot"
  1. Daniel Kraft|

    Another very important reason to photograph the tires is if there are any dings or dents in the wheels. It is hard to dispute that you didn’t cause any damage if you don’t have proof with a cellphone photograph which has the date you took it in its record.
    Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous rental car agencies around the world who often take advantage of the fact that many people pay for supplemental insurance.
    I recently had to dispute damage which a Hertz agency in Southampton, England claimed I caused. With the help of the Customer Service Department in Oklahoma, I prevailed and saved myself almost $300 in repair costs.

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