I’ve written multiple posts in the past few months about airline and airport passengers behaving badly. Honestly, I could dedicate a whole website on this subject and write a minimum of three posts a day … that’s how often it occurs. I don’t know if it’s always been like this and we’re just learning about it thanks to smart phones and social media but, here we are. Traveler behavior is getting out of hand, like when an unruly Frontier Airlines passenger was dragged off a plane in Florida while biting and kicking police officers. I could also add airport workers to the mix since two Spirit Airlines gate agents were arrested a few days ago for stealing from a passengers carry-on, which was left behind. The worst part is they were laughing and dumped his car keys and family heirlooms.

I’m starting to think airline passengers are trying to outdo each other, kind of like millennials on Instagram with their far away adventure trips. Unfortunately, this new trend is just crazy. The latest incident took place on Saturday morning at LAX when a passenger on a Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles to Seattle opened the emergency door while the plane was taxiing for takeoff.

New video has just emerged (embedded below), which shows the plane door open and the chute inflate immediately with the perpetrator sliding down almost simultaneously and then calmly walking to a vacant airport vehicle.

As you can tell, there’s no sound to the 43-second video obtained by @xjonnyc but I did find ATC audio thanks to FSX Aviation. You can listen to the audio in the YouTube video below.

YouTube video

According to FOX LA, no injuries were reported. The plane returned to the gate and the man was handed over to authorities. All the other passengers on the plane were put on a new plane.

I’ve seen a fair bit of despicable behavior in my travels but fortunately I’ve never encountered someone pulling the emergency slide – and I hope I never do. If that happens, the plane is put out of service as it takes hours, if not days, to repack a slide and costs up to $30,000.

Here’s a video from a passenger who was on the plane, showing the suspect being arrested.


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