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I’ve written many times before about my favorite sleep mask for travel. For years, my top choice has been this Lewis N. Clark sleep mask because it’s so soft and cozy, blocks out all the light and it’s inexpensive. But after years and years of using this mask, I think I may have found one that I like even better.

Best sleep mask for travel.Everyone knows the importance of sleep and quality sleep is especially important when you’re traveling. If you have a hard time sleeping on planes like I do, especially in economy, then you do everything you can to avoid red-eye flights. However, there are times you just can’t get around it like flying from North America to Europe.

Arriving at a destination on little sleep makes for a miserable and sometimes dangerous experience – especially if you’re renting a car and need to drive a long distance. Too little sleep also makes you more vulnerable to being pickpocketed, as thieves prey on tourists who are not paying attention or who fall asleep on a train or bus. FYI: Here’s how Rick Steves got pickpocketed in Europe and how he recommends preventing it from happening.

If you subscribe to my free travel newsletter, then you know that my family and I are getting ready for our longest flight every with our two kids. I have two inflatable foot rests to turn my kids’ (ages four and seven) seats into a lie flat bed as well as a soft blanket and pillow. My wife bought two of these travel blankets and now we never fly without them – they are so cozy and easy to travel with and always help the kids sleep well on the plane. My wife and I will be on the end of our four seats in the middle of a Boeing 777, using our TRTL neck pillows.

I always recommend travelers invest in a high-quality sleep mask, instead of using one of the cheap scratchy ones with straps that are too tight that that the airlines provide in their amenity kits. I also pop ear plugs in but my wife won’t as she wants to be aware of everything that’s going on around here and to keep an eye on the kids.

The other day, I was looking for my trusty sleep mask but couldn’t find it. Instead of getting up and looking for it, I opened another drawer and there was an eye mask that had I tested years ago. I had only tried it once and didn’t like it.  But this time around, I really enjoyed the Total Sleep Mask System by Dandelion Dreams.

It has built-in cups around the eyes so there’s no-pressure. They call it a ‘no pressure eye guard’ and it blocks out 100% of the light. Because of the slightly lifted cups, it doesn’t smudge eye make-up, which some may appreciate.

Another brilliant design feature is the ear packs, designed to reduce sound so if you don’t like putting earplugs in your ears, this is a great alternative. BTW: The ear packs can be removed from their pockets for easy washing.

So if you plan on traveling soon or even if an afternoon nap on the couch is in your near future, and you want to block out light and noise without a lot of work, give this mask a try. It’s been transforming my sleep.


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