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As a writer and editor who worked at a decor magazine for 15 years, I developed a deep appreciation for design in all its forms. Whether it’s the thoughtful elements that effortlessly pull a room together or the clean lines of a new piece of technology, a product’s form can be just as important as its function.

The same can be said of many things and as a traveler, I’ve found that I seek out (sometimes even subconsciously) things that appeal to my design eye – from hotel rooms to travel accessories. If you’ve ever read Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up or watched her Netflix special Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, then you may be familiar with her concepts and the KonMari organizing method she promotes, which is that the items in your home and in your life should spark joy. It may seem silly – how much joy can a mug, for example, bring? But in decluttering my kitchen cupboards, I can say that some mugs (the gorgeous, hand-painted bone china mug my mother bought me at Harrods on a special trip to London) are infinitely more special than others (the $2 mug I bought at Target for no good reason).

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Something as simple as a piece of luggage can evoke the same feeling and when I was first introduced to the brand Monos years ago, I was immediately enamored. The first thing to notice of course is the design. The clean, simple lines and palette of pretty, muted colors make these suitcases immediately stand out, yet remain understated. They embody the essence of a ‘less is more’ approach to design and I’m here for it.

About Monos
Monos is a Canadian luggage company and the name ‘Monos’ is inspired by the Japanese concept of mono no aware – the profound appreciation of the beauty in fleeting moments. Not surprisingly, design is a cornerstone of the brand’s foundation and each piece is designed to be a timeless classic that will stand the test of time. Sure, that means the pieces are on the more expensive side (starting at $240) than what you’ll find on, say, Amazon, but Monos makes premium suitcases that are still far cheaper than other top-of-the-line brands, which can cost upwards of $500. These suitcases are meant to last. Think: Fewer but better things.

Monos offers customers high-quality suitcases with components sourced from all over the world, from Germany to Japan. The shell is made from aerospace-grade, water-resistant, German polycarbonate – whatever that means. What I can say is that the material of the suitcase’s shell feels much sturdier and stronger than other hardsided suitcases I’ve had and everything from the zippers and wheels to the telescopic handle operate smooth as butter. The interior has a zippered panel that you can zip shut and the other side can be secured with nylon compression straps. The zippered section is a must for any suitcase to keep things in place when you shut the bag.

The Suitcases
Monos suitcases come in multiple sizes: The Carry-On, the Carry-On Plus, the Carry-On Pro, the Carry-On Pro Plus, the Check-In Medium, and the Check-In Large. Now that we’re a family of four, our carry-on only days are over but they’re a good size for weekend getaways and solo business trips. I love that the Carry-On Pro and Carry-On Pro Plus models feature an exterior laptop pocket, a feature I’ve never seen before on a hardshell suitcase. This makes it so much easier to access your laptop for use or when going through security. The large suitcase is plenty spacious and offers enough room for me to pack everything I need for myself and my two kids (diapers, books and toys included!)

Other Products

Monos doesn’t just make suitcases. They have an interesting array of other products, from backpacks and duffel bags to UVC water bottles and a UVC luggage sterilizer. The luggage cover, for example, is made with eco-friendly, recyclable PEVA. It’s perfectly tailored to fit Monos luggage and will keep your suitcase protected from scratches and dents when it’s in transit. But even better than that, it keeps your suitcase clean so that when you get to your hotel or back home, you can remove the cover and not fear that the suitcase itself is tracking germs all over the place. Another product to check out are the compressible packing cubes. I don’t go anywhere without packing cubes – they are essential for me to stay organized, especially now that I’m packing not just for myself but for my little ones as well. Everyone gets their own packing cube and this minimizes the mess and the stress every time. The Monos compression packing cubes are high-quality and should not break or rip. These ones are made from a tear-resistant nylon twill and the interior is lined with an anti-microbial fabric. They’ve got a mesh top panel so you can see what’s inside and anti-catch zippers that won’t snag on your clothes.

Monos offers customers a 100-day trial on all luggage. You can try it out for 100 days and if you don’t love it, you can send it back, no questions asked, they say. After the 100-day trial, if any part of your carry-on suitcase ever breaks, Monos guarantees that they will fit it or replace it thanks to their lifetime limited warranty.

Overall, Monos luggage looks, feels and functions as luxuriously as you would expect. The suitcases nest together for compact storage and I think you’ll feel that spark of joy every time you pull them out to pack for an exciting adventure.

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  1. Shane|

    This really felt like a copy and paste review. One of many that you can find for this luggage with a quick Google search. Maybe your could/should add some of your personality to your reviews? Or, even better, some of your real world experiences using the product (assuming you even own it).

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Hi Shane,

      There are stories where we copy and paste some of the press material for facts but this wasn’t one of them. So not sure what you’re talking about. And yes, we do own and use one.

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