How to travel from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for under $3
Credit: FlixBus

Starting next week, you can get between Los Angeles and Las Vegas for $2.99! As reported by Travel + Leisure, German bus company FlixBus has begun selling seats on American routes that will open service on May 31. For now, buses will run exclusively in southern California, Nevada and Arizona but the company has “plans to expand to a total of 1,000 connections across the country by the end of the year.” Here’s an up-to-date FlixBus route map.

If you’re worried about the type of trip $2.99 (technically a $0.99 ticket plus a $2 service fee) gets you, fear not: FlixBus is the largest bus network in Europe, “busing travelers to 1,700 destinations in 27 different countries using a low-cost and high-comfort model.” And the “low-cost and high-comfort” point is a big one. From the T + L story: “FlixBus utilizes a network of coaches that are owned and operated by independent, local companies in each destination they serve. This way, the company is able to avoid extra costs like paying to park all of its buses when they’re not in use. FlixBus has also made the decision to spend its money on its product — not on advertising.”

It continues: “This model has helped drive down costs for both the company and its customers while allowing FlixBus to incorporate small luxuries into its fleet including free Wi-Fi, a selection of onboard entertainment passengers can stream to their personal devices, LED lighting, and up to 31 inches of legroom. Each seat on the buses, which tend to only be one to two years old, also comes with a tray table, cup holder, and footrest.”

If you’ll be traveling in the American west/southwest—and soon, elsewhere in America—and want to save money, make sure to give FlixBus a look. And if you do try it, make sure to share your experience in the comments!

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8 Comments On "How to Travel From Los Angeles to Las Vegas for Under $3"
  1. Kathy|

    Let’s hope they hire good drivers with clean DMV records.

  2. Joanne DiBona|

    Our extraordinary Viking River cruise a few years ago ended in Prague, and we needed to get back to Frankfurt Germany to begin another press trip. Flight connections between the cities were ridiculously expensive, so we took the plunge and, with hesitation, tried FlixBus.The depot was located a few blocks from our Prague hotel, so it was very convenient for us to get there with our carry on only baggage! But they can also accommodate all the baggage you need, in their vast storage area.

    The seats were extremely comfortable, there was Wi-Fi on board for a good part of the trip, and everything about this experience was positive. We did bring our own lunch and beverages on board, but you would do that on a train, too. The driver was excellent, and I even managed to get some lovely photos of the countryside out of the clean window.

    Speaking of clean, the toilet facilities were top notch.

    The beauty of this all is the fact that I believe we only paid around 50 Euros each for this trip from Prague. They immediately send all the information to our cell phones, including a scanned reservation, which made checking in so easy.

    We would highly recommend this service, and are delighted they have come to Southern California!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Great to know! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Earl B.|

    Wow! Considering how much gas alone would cost to drive to Vegas (maybe $36 each way), it almost feels like you’ll turn a profit on the journey – and you can sleep the whole way! I wish them success.

  4. kenton g herman|

    Thank you for talking about the bus tip …kenton

  5. Michael Lew|

    Just looked at travel between Los Angeles & Las Vegas; (1) it’s $9.99 each way, plus $2.00 service charge, and (2) one can only use the FlixBus on Saturday and/or Sunday. So one may stay over one night or one week, cannot use this service for a 2-night or 3-night trip from L.A. to Vegas.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I saw the .99 cent tix but they went fast

  6. Generation Voyage|

    Wow ! I was convinced that Flixbus was only operating in Europe but this is clearly an opportunity for me to know that they offer trips in USA because I am planning now my trip for the end of the year! Thanks for the tip :-)

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