lifelineLifeLine Response is an app that’s great for travelers worried about feeling unsafe anywhere in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Once you sign up (it’s $4.99 a month but they offer a free 14-day trial), you can use the app to protect yourself using a couple of tools. First, you can put your thumb on the screen; once it’s removed (and you don’t punch in the security code), an ear-piercing sound is emitted and the authorities are called. If you need hands-free protection (if you’re jogging or going on a blind date, maybe), you can set the app to “Timer Mode” and check in when you’re safely home.

They have some other cool features, too. One makes sure that if your attacker notices the app and forces you to disarm it, there’s a secret alarm code that can get you help covertly. If your phone is broken during an attack, the LifeLine system will send out the alert the moment your connection is dropped.

Here’s a quick video detailing how it works:

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