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This week’s international travel news:

Last week’s international travel news:

17 Comments On "International Travel News: Week of May 26, 2022"
  1. Rajesh Bhardwaj|

    We all Nepalese in tourism are waiting when travel reopens in Nepal.

  2. Kathy Millard|

    Mine is a question, really. What do you think of travelling from Toronto to Budapest to spend Christmas with my Hungarian family. ( in addition to the dangers of being at airports and flying many hours, I am sure I will have to isolate when I return to Canada for 14 days. I guess I can do that, but if it’s another 14 days of being quarantined for 14 days when I arrive In Budapest, that’s too much time and expense). PS. I am in excellent health, but over 65!

    K. Millard

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Hi! Sorry for the delayed reply. I would consult your doctor first. But if the flight isn’t full and you’re not sitting near anyone you should be fine

  3. Susan Brust|

    My son wants to travel to Morocco in November for a week. Would you advise against that? Do you think going there will be dangerous during Covid?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Hi Susan,

      I’m not comfortable answering that question. It’s best to ask your doctor. I’ve been to Morocco and loved it but not sue how it is now

  4. Carole Talan|

    I cannot find the deal to Iceland from your headline. Help!

    1. Johnny Jet|
  5. Sue|

    Hi Johnny! My nephew is traveling from chicago to cancun over his holiday break from Missou University! He had covid early on, March, and feels its safe for him to travel. I’m really scared for him!!! I heard the radio show host on saturday after, Peter Greenberg, who was saying it is safe to travel to cancun. What do you think?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I personally don’t think anybody should be traveling right now with COVID-19 out of control but in terms of safety, Cancun is fine.

  6. Kalboz|

    Got our 4 Biz class seats for July-August trip to Italy. 3 of the 4 are fully vaccinated and the 10-year old will have her RT-PCR test results within 36 hours of the flight

    Thus far the Italian Consulate in LA has been unresponsive on FB and by email. Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs webpage is not really informative! Any idea of who to contact for Italy admission?

  7. Debbie|

    I just visited Italy and didn’t have to provide any information about testing or vaccination to anyone. However, I did not enter the country via air. I drove because I live in Germany. Masks are required indoors and some sites will do a temperature check. I would suggest making all museum bookings in advance (online) because many places are limiting the number of people. A couple places we went could only be booked at the Tourist information office (in person) so that is the first place we went to ensure we could get into a few sites. Although tourism is not booming quite yet every place was easy to visit but come July/Aug time-frame when overseas tourism hits full swing pre-booking will really be important.

  8. TDHill|

    When the Azores (Autonomous Region of Portugal) were at the stage (January 2020) that Canada is moving toward, they would allow “Family Reunification” which meant that you could travel to reunite with family who lived there OR you could travel as a US Citizen with your spouse, who was a citizen. Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificates were required, as well as the Citizen’s card, for proof of relationship. Sometimes, it would even work without traveling with the Citizen, but that was more risky regarding approval. So “Family Reunification” is what I would research for Canada. Often it was not well-advertised, but “Family Reunification” worked when attempted. Here’s a link that might help:

  9. Lowell Johnson|

    I will be traveling to Belize and Guatemala in the next few months. What insurance company do you recommend?

    1. Johnny Jet|
  10. null|

    My wife was going to give me trip to Ireland for my 60th birthday in September, but CDC raised level of alert to 4 this week just after Ireland opened up for tourism.
    I am fully vaccinated with Pfizer but also had Covid last August so not concerned but CDC looks like they feel it is stupa concern for fully vaccinated travelers, so much in confidence of the vaccines
    I would be going by myself
    With college graduations next 2 years not sure if I will ever have the opportunity or money, I have parent plus loans that will need to be paid starting fall 2023.
    Would you go if it were you?
    As far as I can tell most of sites I wish to visit are open

    1. Johnny Jet|

      If you aren’t worried about COVID and use precaution I would go.

  11. Kelly|

    Johnny, you mention that you need a PCR test to get into the states. You only need an antigen test. Much cheaper and quicker.
    You do, however, need a PCR test to get into Canada. This can be costly ( I have paid between $0.00 and $200.00) and longer to wait for results, anywhere from 15 minutes ( I paid $200.00) to 48 hours (that one was free). It’s very frustrating and I hope both the Canadian and Americans governments do away with the testing.


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