How to find a vet on the roadAsk.Vet isn’t really a travel website; it’s a service, and a brilliant one at that. If you have a pet—no matter if you’re home or on a trip with your pet—it’s “your virtual urgent care.” For $99 a year, you get real veterinarian advice 24/7, saving you time and potentially thousands of dollars in unnecessary vet and emergency visits. According to their site, just 20% of concerns had to be resolved by seeing a vet in person.

Sample questions and concerns include:

  • If your dog has diarrhea. How long can you wait to see if it resolves on its own?
  • The new flea and tick medication has left your cat shaking. Is it serious?
  • The chocolate you left on the counter was eaten by your dog. Is an emergency visit necessary?
  • Your dog received vaccines several hours ago and now she’s laying in one spot and doesn’t want to move. Will this pass?
  • Your cat walks away from his food bowl after only eating half of his food. Is this cause for concern?

The $99 Virtual Vet membership includes:

  • Unlimited text sessions with a vet.
  • A support community of exclusive groups (e.g., breeds, interests)
  • Ongoing vet supervision for chronic illness (e.g., diabetes, arthritis, etc), and wellness management (e.g., puppyhood, nutrition, behavior, weight, exercise, parasite eradication)
  • Six phone calls with a veterinarian
  • Pet recall alerts, educational videos, & webinars with vets

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Text VET to 67076
  • Step 2: Tell them your concern
  • Step 3: Get connected with a veterinarian for answers, via text, within minutes

I haven’t used the service, but if I had a pet I think I would. Have you used Ask.Vet? What has your experience been like?


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